Hulk Hogan Helps Trapped Motorist

1/15/2024 11:52 PM

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Hulk Hogan Helps Trapped Motorist

Hulk Hogan Helps Trapped Motorist

January 15, 2024 11:52 PM
Hulk Hogan Helps Trapped Motorist
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Hogan Takes a Stand and Lends a Hand

Hulk Hogan helps a trapped motorist, a reminder that when it comes crashing down and it hurts inside, the Hulkster is not only ready to take a stand; he's going to lend a hand.

TMZ Sports is reporting on this instance of Hogan heroics:

Sources with direct knowledge tell us the legendary wrestler, his wife Sky Daily and a friend of theirs were cruising along a highway Sunday evening in Tampa, FL when they witnessed a bad wreck play out right in front of them.

According to TMZ Sports, a car flipped over after it was apparently struck by another car. Fortunately, the Hulkster was in the house (or in this case, on the highway):

Hulk and co., our sources explain, pulled over immediately -- with HH and his pal, Jake, rushing over to render aid to the driver ... a woman whom we're told was rattled. Since they were first on the scene, we're told Hulk and Jake actually helped get her out of the car. Our sources say Jake popped the woman's airbag with some tools that Hulk had on hand -- and they both unbuckled her seatbelt and assisted her in safely leaving the vehicle. We're told paramedics eventually arrived on the scene, and Hulk and his crew looked on.

H/T TMZ Sports

Hogan Fights for What's Right

This isn't the first time a pro wrestler has helped someone out in a dicey situation. In fact, WrestleLamia covered several instances of heroics in our video:

What do you think of Hulk Hogan and his friend helping out this motorist?

Photo Credit: WWE