Is a New Series on "Mysterious" Demise of WCW in the Works?

11/20/2023 10:16 PM

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Is a New Series on "Mysterious" Demise of WCW in the Works?

Is a New Series on "Mysterious" Demise of WCW in the Works?

November 20, 2023 10:16 PM
Is a New Series on "Mysterious" Demise of WCW in the Works?
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Why so Mysterious?

Is a new series on the "mysterious" demise of WCW in the works? World Championship Wrestling (WCW) went out of business in 2001, forever changing the wrestling landscape. Many theories have been given for the company's demise but now, The Rock's production company Seven Bucks Production is taking a look at things and apparently putting a new spin on its analysis. The entertainment site Deadline recently reported on some additions to Seven Bucks Production's team. The story mentioned various projects underway including:

a docuseries investigating the mysterious demise of World Championship Wrestling (WCW), once the biggest wrestling company in America.

H/T Deadline

One of Wrestling's Most Fascinating Stories

WCW's downfall has made for fascinating analysis including videos, books, and numerous articles. The way that WCW rose to the top of the wrestling world in 1996 thanks to its New World Order storyline and other maverick moves, only to fold less than five years later is astonishing. Some of the reasons suggested for the promotion's downfall include overspending, bad management, and even a secret plot by the WWF to send writers Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara to the company to destroy it with bad writing (which in fairness, WCW had plenty of before their arrival).

WrestleLamia has produced several videos on WCW's dying days including our look at the WCW revival that almost happened.

What's So Mysterious About WCW's Demise?

The way that the new series is framing its exploration of WCW going out of business is interesting. "Mysterious demise" sounds like a true crime story. Is this a The First 48 approach to analyzing the company's downfall or a look at some of the alleged sketchy circumstances surrounding WCW's abrupt end.

The book Nitro takes a look at an often overlooked aspect of WCW's dying days that has been ignored by the majority of books, videos, etc. covering the company's collapse. There is a "mysterious" aspect to things. If the new series takes the time to dig deep into things, it could provide more attention on some alleged behind-the-scenes dealings that made WCW's sale very convenient for certain parties.

Are you looking forward to another look at WCW's demise?