Is CM Punk AEW's "Devil"?

11/15/2023 10:08 PM

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Is CM Punk AEW's "Devil"?

Is CM Punk AEW's "Devil"?

November 15, 2023 10:08 PM
Is CM Punk AEW's "Devil"?
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Mystery Continues to Deepen

Is CM Punk AEW's "Devil" character? The AEW Galaxy has been trying to figure out who the masked individual is who has been leading attacks on various AEW stars including Jay White, and more recently, The Acclaimed. As we'll see, AEW is doing its best to keep the masked marauder's identity a secret but some recent rumors appear to rule out at least two suspects.

Two Suspects Stand Out

One theory is that the man under the mask is CM Punk. As astonishing as this would be, wrestling has seen plenty of swerves that made fans' head spin. Punk is getting in on the speculation too, trolling fans with social media posts where he doesn't rule out his involvement in the storyline. Then again, Punk is also suggesting he'll show up at next week's Survivor Series, a reminder of how Punk loves to stir the pot.

Another interesting theory is that "The Devil" is none other than Dr. Britt Baker. The tweet below reflects some fans' suspicions about the masked menace's identity:

Not So Fast

Now, Fightful Select is weighing in on the mystery:

On a recent Fightful show, the panel were speculating whether or not the people that have been under the mask in the segments are actually who is planned for the eventual reveal. Multiple sources reached out to confirm that is the case, and that several people within the company know the identities, but have done well at keeping it quiet. You may remember in the case of Retribution, not only were the eventual reveals not the people under the masks originally, but the talent themselves had no idea for a while they were planned for it.

H/T Ringside News

The Fightful report states that "The Devil" is not believed to be Dr. Britt or wrestling's favorite pot-stirrer

Those that we’ve spoken to are of the belief it isn’t CM Punk, and saying that it would be a huge work on those in the know if so. It goes without saying, but he hasn’t been portraying the person under the mask.

The Mystery Continues

One theory is that "The Devil" is Adam Cole. However, this seems next to impossible unless Adam Cole's injury (not to mention the surgery he reportedly underwent to repair his injured ankle) was a work. If so, it would be one of wrestling's most successful swerves.

There's no word on when AEW will reveal "The Devil's" identity but expectations are high. Fans have been burnt before with big reveals that turned out to be duds including WCW's infamous Black Scorpion angle and the WWF's "Higher Power" angle.

Who do you think is hiding under the hood?