Is Cody Rhodes Vs. Logan Paul Title Vs. Title?

5/12/2024 11:32 AM

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Is Cody Rhodes Vs. Logan Paul Title Vs. Title?

Is Cody Rhodes Vs. Logan Paul Title Vs. Title?

May 12, 2024 11:32 AM
Is Cody Rhodes Vs. Logan Paul Title Vs. Title?
WWE News

What's happening here?

Cody Rhodes vs. Logan Paul is now official for King and Queen of the Ring in two weeks. There appears to be some confusion regarding whether the match is a Title vs. Title match, a match just for Rhodes’ WWE Title, or a non-title matchup.

This is what WWE are saying on the matter:

“Rhodes stands at the top of the mountain, the standard-bearer to a whole new era of WWE. The Social Media Sensation, however, has claimed that he is the reason for WWE's recent success and that it has nothing to do with Rhodes. Now, titleholder will battle titleholder to see which one of those things is true.”

That obviously doesn’t clear things up, and WWE’s digital show, SmackDown LowDown simply advertised the match as a Champion vs. Champion encounter and didn’t mention a title being up for grabs.

Corey Graves on SmackDown did state that the match was for Rhodes’ WWE Title, yet that isn’t clear in the advertising or marketing for the match. Rhodes has been tweeting out and teasing that he’s coming for the US Title, so if the match isn’t for Logan’s title, then this makes little sense.

Hopefully, more information will be made available next week when the two sign the contract for the Premium Live Event.

It was previously reported that WWE have no significant plans for Rhodes until Roman Reigns or The Rock return to TV, and Rhodes vs. Logan is a match that has come out of virtually nowhere. Nevertheless, the match should be an excellent showcase for both men, and it’s likely going to be the main event of the show.