Is Crown Jewel Roman Reigns' Last Match for 2023?

10/31/2023 8:12 PM

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Is Crown Jewel Roman Reigns' Last Match for 2023?

Is Crown Jewel Roman Reigns' Last Match for 2023?

October 31, 2023 8:12 PM
Is Crown Jewel Roman Reigns' Last Match for 2023?
WWE News

When Will Roman Wrestle Again?

Is Crown Jewel Roman Reigns' last match for 2023? That's the report from Ringside News' H. Jenkins which states:

Ringside News was told by a tenured member of the creative team that, unless something changes, Crown Jewel on November 4th will be the last time Roman Reigns will wrestle in 2023. He has one match against LA Knight, and he won’t wrestle again until 2024.

H/T Ringside News

This story follows recent news that Roman won't be working Survivor Series, quite a change from the WWE's normal practice of its top stars working all of its "Big Four" PLEs. Although Roman didn't defend the Undisputed Championship at last year's Survivor Series, he did work in the main event War Games match.

Naturally, some fans will see Roman's absence as evidence he's dropping the title at Crown Jewel, either to LA Knight or to Damien Priest (who still has the Money in the Bank briefcase).

If Reigns does drop the title (a big if as we'll discuss later), it may have something to do with the wild rumor that one of the WWE's biggest stars will make a surprise appearance at Crown Jewel, setting things up for a long-awaited dream match at 2024's "Showcase of the Immortals." Of course, WrestleLamia is talking about The Rock. If The Rock shows up, he could cost Reigns the title, perhaps by offsetting any interference from The Bloodline. This is one way to set up a battle at 'Mania to determine who the real Tribal Chief is.

Other Reasons for Reigns' Absence

There are other reasons for giving Reigns the rest of 2023 off. One is that Roman is working through an injury and the WWE wants to give him time off to heal. The WWE's biggest quarter of the year will be here soon, that is, The Royal Rumble and WrestleMania. Another reason is that the rumors of CM Punk returning at Survivor Series are true and the WWE wants to keep the spotlight on Punk. Finally, the WWE may be leaking rumors of Reigns' extended absence to make fans feel LA Knight is walking out of this Saturday's show without his title.

The problem of course is that there are so many possibilities to explore whether it's informed speculation or wild speculation. Fans may see Reigns walk out of Crown Jewel with the belt. The reason (if Roman does take the rest of the year off) could be something as simple as Roman flexing the clout he's accumulated throughout the last year that allows him to pick and choose his schedule. If so, it may also be another reason why some fans believe it's time to end Roman's reign as champion.

If Roman leaves Crown Jewel as champion, it will be a Roman holiday in more ways than one.