Is Damian Priest Injured?

6/16/2024 12:59 PM

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Is Damian Priest Injured?

Is Damian Priest Injured?

June 16, 2024 12:59 PM
Is Damian Priest Injured?
WWE News

Hopefully it's positive news.

One of the talking points coming out of Clash at the Castle is a potential injury to World Champion, Damian Priest.

As Priest ascended over the top rope, his foot got caught in the ropes, and once he was free, it was apparent that Priest was in serious pain. Priest spent the majority of the match limping, and it was a miracle that Priest was able to finish the match without a hitch.

Priest would appear on the post PLE press conference, and the World Champion stated that his foot feels like “trash”, and he needs to get it medically assessed:

“I mean it feels like trash right now. I didn’t even go to medical yet so I could do this and talk to you guys, so you’re welcome. Docs will check it out, I ain’t going anywhere. I was able to beat Drew McIntyre on one foot, so I’m ready to go.”

Whilst Priest sounds somewhat optimistic towards the end of his comments, the concern was once again raised when Priest could barely walk off the stage at the press conference. Priest was noticeably limping, but hopefully it’s the case that Priest receives encouraging news from the WWE medical team.

During Priest’s appearance at the press conference, Priest did state that he’s ready for Gunther at SummerSlam, so it’s possible that if Priest’s injury is minor, then WWE have Priest skip Money in the Bank in anticipation for Gunther at SummerSlam.

Some fans on social media last night were suggesting that WWE should have called an audible and have McIntyre win. This would have been difficult to execute, as Priest was still able to wrestle in the match itself, and it would have meant that the final angle involving CM Punk wouldn’t have been able to go down.