Kevin Dunn is Leaving WWE

12/31/2023 3:10 AM

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Kevin Dunn is Leaving WWE

Kevin Dunn is Leaving WWE

December 31, 2023 3:10 AM
Kevin Dunn is Leaving WWE
WWE News

Why is Long-Time WWE Producer Leaving After Decades in the Promotion?

Kevin Dunn is leaving the WWE. That's the report coming from PWInsider concerning the long-time WWE producer. Dunn has been a fixture in the WWE and more than a few observers have seen him as Vince McMahon's right-hand man. PWInsider is exclusively reporting:

Dunn, who held the post of Executive Producer & Chief, Global Television Distribution, informed WWE around Christmas week he was exiting after more than three decades with the company.   We are told that a big factor in his decision to retire is changes made internally post-Endeavor acquisition and as one source stated, that Dunn was "never going to do anything that was dictated" to him, as opposed to how he personally oversaw production in the past.  We are told this was not an issue of creative but two differing versions of how things should be run from a TV production perspective as WWE's new owner seeks to cut costs.

H/T PWInsider

The Changing of the Guard

Dunn's exit isn't a complete shock because he has always been seen as a Vince McMahon loyalist and TKO-Holdings has made it clear that it is changing the WWE as it sees fit. The biggest example was Vince McMahon being replaced in creative with Triple H. However, the company has also made serious cuts to its executives. In Dunn's case, he apparently decided to leave.

It will be interesting to see if Dunn's departure leads to any noticeable changes in the WWE's production.

A Shocking Development

While it's not unusual for new ownership to make changes to a company, Dunn's departure comes as a shocker. Fightful Select is reporting:

We spoke to several shocked talent, who had no idea of the move. Some in WWE think that his role will likely be divided, as several have trained in aspects of Dunn's role...Those we immediately heard from said that Dunn's say had decreased over the last year-plus and that anyone taking over those roles would likely not have anywhere near the power Dunn once had.

H/T Fightful Select

No word on what's next for Dunn and whether he is bound by a non-compete clause. While there will likely be speculation whether Dunn left voluntarily or was asked to leave, there is no information regarding this situation.

This is a developing story, and WrestleLamia will continue following it.