Is Naomi Returning to the WWE?

1/2/2024 11:35 PM

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Is Naomi Returning to the WWE?

Is Naomi Returning to the WWE?

January 2, 2024 11:35 PM
Is Naomi Returning to the WWE?
WWE News

Rumor Has It that WWE is Confident of a Comeback

Is Naomi returning to the WWE? That's the rumor going around following a report from Fightful Select. Let's look at this story and see just how likely it is that Naomi (aka Trinity Fatu) returns to the WWE.

In January of 2023, WWE sources told Fightful they were confident that they could get Trinity back in the company. However, there was an unofficial hiring freeze within WWE, though we aren’t sure if that had anything to do with why she didn’t end up there. However, in speaking with WWE sources, not only did they think there was a good chance she could end back up in the company, many sources claimed they expected it. There were also sources within IMPACT Wrestling who told Fightful that they expected it to happen sooner than later.

H/T Ringside News

Naomi and Sasha Banks (aka Mercedes Mone) left the WWE in 2022, walking out on the company with rumors that they were dissatisfied with the WWE's creative plans for them. The WWE eventually granted both Superstars their releases, leading to Sasha Banks adopting her Mercedes Mone and working in New Japan Pro Wrestling while Naomi joined IMPACT Wrestling on the 4 May episode of IMPACT! as Trinity. Trinity is the promotion's Knockouts Champion.

According to Fightful:

One WWE source told Fightful on Tuesday that “something huge would have to happen for her to not end up back in WWE sooner than later, but this is a crazy free agent period.”

As Fightful noted, it's a wild time for free agents in wrestling and there's an opportunity for top stars to bring in some big bucks. However, there may be a limit to how much the WWE will pay. While the company has re-signed some top stars to some big money deals (chief among them Charlotte Flair), the recent report that the WWE backed off on signing Mercedes Mone due to her asking price suggests there is a limit. One rumor states Mercedes wanted a bigger payday than Charlotte Flair. As of now, the word is that the WWE and Mone have stopped negotiating.

However, it's unknown whether the story involving the WWE and Mercedes is a smokescreen to hide her return. It's also possible Mone could come back with a different offer for the WWE. AEW is reportedly interested in bringing Mone in but it's unknown whether Tony Khan wants to meet her price.

Trinity's Triumph

Trinity has been crushing it in IMPACT Wrestling, adding some depth and experience to its women's division. While skeptics might scoff that she's a big fish in a small pond, many former WWE Superstars have shown just how capable they are by working in IMPACT before returning to the WWE for greater success. Drew McIntyre is perhaps the biggest example.

Now that she's shown what she has to offer, Naomi should be able to land herself a good deal wherever she decides to work. With IMPACT Wrestling retooling itself as TNA Wrestling, Trinity may be given a lucrative offer to stay and lead the women's division to new heights.

Could Naomi and Sasha Banks Reunite?

Could the WWE Universe see a Naomi and Sasha Banks reunion? Naomi and "The Boss" were just getting into their reign as WWE Women's Tag Team Champions when they left the promotion. The WWE will score a major "W" if it signs both Superstars. While the WWE doesn't have to keep them in the tag division, it could help add some much-needed star power to the division.

Fans shouldn't rule out the chance of Naomi and Sasha reuniting elsewhere. AEW would benefit greatly from Naomi and/or Sasha's presence given the pitiful state of its women's division. AEW's women's division is circling the drain with Dr. Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter still sidelined with injuries.

What do you think is next for Naomi/Trinity? Where would you like to see her wrestle?