Jey Uso Calls Out Young Bucks and Other Top Tag Teams

11/22/2023 8:44 PM

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Jey Uso Calls Out Young Bucks and Other Top Tag Teams

Jey Uso Calls Out Young Bucks and Other Top Tag Teams

November 22, 2023 8:44 PM
Jey Uso Calls Out Young Bucks and Other Top Tag Teams
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How Did AEW Team Respond to Jey?

Jey Uso calls out The Young Bucks and other AEW tag teams in a recent interview, telling them if they want a dream match, they need to come to the WWE. "Main Event" Jey recently spoke with The Ringer about his upcoming match at Survivor Series: War Games and several other topics including potential dream matches between The Usos and teams outside the WWE:


“If you all want these dream matches, you all going to have to bring your ass to WWE, dog, to the top tier. You all going to have to come. Where we at ain’t dropping down. Young Bucks, everybody, like, bring it, dog. Run it. We the ones for a reason, and I mean that. I stand on that, bro. We the best tag team in the world. And if you want to get detailed with it, I’m talking about on the microphone, the way we dress, the way the gear look, the way we carry ourselves, the swag, the ink, everything. The hair, the grills, the earrings, the chain. All that’s real, Uce. All that is real.”

Jey, whose team with brother Jimmy currently holds the record as the WWE's longest-reigning tag team champions dropped some names besides The Bucks. The Ringer article noted:

And if there’s any doubt on who Jey would like to see the Usos battle to maintain that position, it would appear that Jey may be keeping a list. “FTR is top tier,” Jey says of the AEW pair, before mentioning the Guerillas of Destiny in New Japan Pro-Wrestling and “missing the boat” on a Hardy Boyz bout on SmackDown.


H/T The Ringer

The Usos have had some great tag team matches during their WWE careers. This includes their historic run as SmackDown (and later Undisputed) Tag Team Champions and their past tag team runs. However, are The Usos the best? That's a question that is sure to invite debate from fans and wrestlers.


Austin Gunn Responds to Jey's Message

AEW's Austin Gunn responded to Jey's message, taking to X after Wrestling news tweeted highlights from Jey's interview:

While The Gunns aren't exactly a top-tier team, they're certainly doing their best to establish themselves, with one reign as AEW World Tag Team Champions already on their resume.

As for other AEW teams like FTR or The Young Bucks, it's unlikely fans will see them wrestle The Usos unless wrestling's "Forbidden Door" is blasted open and the WWE and AEW work on a jointly promoted show.

What do you make of "Main Event" Jey's comments?