Jim Cornette Invited to AEW?

11/1/2023 8:07 AM

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Jim Cornette Invited to AEW?

Jim Cornette Invited to AEW?

November 1, 2023 8:07 AM
Jim Cornette Invited to AEW?
AEW News

Which AEW Star extended the invite?

Jim Cornette has been a respected voice in the wrestling community for many years.

He’s well-known for his hot takes on today’s wrestling and isn’t afraid to voice his opinions, especially his harsh criticism about AEW.

One wrestler, however, would love to have him join the AEW crew.

Jeff Jarrett invited Cornette live on his Podcast, My World.

In a segment where Jeff and Co-host Conrad Thompson talked about AEW taking place in Louisville, Kentucky, Cornette’s hometown,  Conrad asked if Jeff would pick up Cornette to see a show.

Jeff replied,

“I would love to have Corny. I’d love to have him.”

Whether the reply was in light-hearted fun or a generous olive branch, Jim replied on Twitter.

You can never say never in the world of wrestling, and maybe one day, Jim will stop by and watch his favorite “mud show.”

Would you love to see Cornette in AEW?