John Cena believes Roman Reigns is the Goat

11/4/2023 6:28 AM

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John Cena believes Roman Reigns is the Goat

John Cena believes Roman Reigns is the Goat

November 4, 2023 6:28 AM
John Cena believes Roman Reigns is the Goat
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John Cena Acknowledges the Tribal Chief.

John Cena made a special appearance for the 200th episode of the After the Bell Podcast with Corey Graves.

John spoke on many things involving his career outside and inside the WWE on the show but also brought up why he believes that Roman Reigns is the greatest of all time.

“He’s a sponge, and he’s athletic, super intelligent, and a fan of this, and I mean all of this. Most importantly, a fan of psychology. I say the WWE Universe is the biggest superstar we have. Roman navigated those waters without them. Here’s the thing with Roman, I don’t think Roman is Roman if he doesn’t have a time to work in front of no crowd. The crowd is so against the fact that the company believed in Roman Reigns…I set the precedent of ‘Company guy, see ya.’ Everyone has a tough hill to climb once they become pushed. There is a giant ray behind the curtain, we all know that too. ‘We have to be careful how this happens because we don’t want this to happen.’ That absolutely happened with Roman. It was when the crowd wasn’t there that you’re able to take more chances, that Roman could be himself. There wasn’t anyone to be like, ‘That sucked, that didn’t work,’ because you don’t have the instant feedback. Night after night, it becomes this extremely nuanced soft-spoken character that is not the ‘welcome to SmackDown!’ that they’re used to. As soon as they bring people back in, he had done such a riveting program, that it was, ‘Man, I want to see this guy.’ He has done it better than anybody I have ever seen. He’s the Greatest of All Time, in my opinion."

H/T Fightful

While it’s nice to hear that John acknowledges the Tribal Chief, he may want to hold his admiration for the moment as he’s currently feuding with the Bloodline and slated to take on Solo Sikoa at Crown Jewel

To hear the full interview, check out the 200th episode of WWE After the Bell.