Kenny Omega Medical Update

1/23/2024 12:22 AM

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Kenny Omega Medical Update

Kenny Omega Medical Update

January 23, 2024 12:22 AM
Kenny Omega Medical Update
AEW News

Is "The Cleaner" Returning Anytime Soon?

Time for a Kenny Omega medical update. The former AEW World Heavyweight Champion was recently hospitalized, leading to him being taken off AEW TV indefinitely. The reason for his hospitalization was initially unknown but Omega later informed fans that he was suffering from diverticulitis. Omega went to the hospital and according to a report from Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Omega was fortunate to go to the hospital when he did:

“He was told when diagnosed that he was very lucky he went in because the situation could have been catastrophic, such as getting a blood infection, if he wasn’t diagnosed at the time he was, which would have something like a 50 percent chance of death.”

H/T Ringside News

Meltzer updated fans on Wrestling Observer Radio about Kenny's current condition and what the doctors are planning:

“It’s going to be nothing for seven weeks and then in seven weeks, they are going to see how everything goes and, at that point, he’ll either need surgery or he… I don’t know how he won’t need surgery, but if he can heal. Normally, you would have already done the surgery right away, but his condition and everything was so bad that they could not risk the surgery at the time and now they are kind of just.”

H/T Ringside News

Fans may recall that current WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar suffered from diverticulitis during his UFC career. Lesnar required surgery and was stricken with the illness a second time during his UFC run. Some industry observers and fans question how much Lesnar's MMA career was impacted by the disease and its debilitating effects on him.

What's Next for Kenny Omega?

Right now, there is too much uncertainty to discuss Kenny Omega's wrestling future. The most important matter is for the 40-year-old wrestler to get well. Diverticulitis can be a serious matter, as Omega found out. All fans can do is hope for the best and send their thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. WrestleLamia will do so and continue following this story for any updates.

Photo Credit: AEW