Kevin Nash Shoots on Hook

1/17/2024 2:25 AM

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Kevin Nash Shoots on Hook

Kevin Nash Shoots on Hook

January 17, 2024 2:25 AM
Kevin Nash Shoots on Hook
AEW News

Nash Compares FTW Champion to Jinder Mahal

Kevin Nash shoots on Hook, a sign that the controversy over WWE Superstar Jinder Mahal and AEW star Hook isn't going away. In case you've been offline over the last week, the controversy has little to do with either wrestler. Instead, it began after fans questioned AEW's decision to book FTW Champion Hook into an AEW World Heavyweight Championship match against new champion Samoa Joe. AEW President Tony Khan defended the decision then questioned why no one was questioning the WWE's decision to put Jinder Mahal into a World Heavyweight Championship match against Seth Rollins despite Jinder's woeful win/loss record.

Tony pointed out that Hook is 28-1 while Jinder was anything but dominant. Unfortunately, Tony's tweets led to a social media meltdown as AEW fans and AEW critics joined in the conversation. Rather than let things cool down, Tony tweeted more, eventually bringing in other wrestlers and wrestling personalities such as Eric Bischoff.

Now, Kevin Nash is joining the conversation. The former WWE and WCW Superstar spoke about Hook during his Kliq This podcast:

"If f____ing HOOK was sitting next to me right now, I wouldn't know who the f___ HOOK was. Give him the f___ hook. So let's just say it's 28-1 career record. This sounds like f___ng back when they were doing the Goldberg thing. It's like, you know he didn't really win 28 matches of his own accord, but my whole thing is Q rating. If you put a f-ing picture of Jinder and then you put a picture of HOOK, I'm quite sure f***ing Jinder is gonna f-ing have a much higher Q rating. It's like, 'Tomorrow on TBS.' Well enjoy that because you guys might not be on much longer.”

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Note: WrestleLamia apologizes if Nash's comments are difficult to decipher but his frequent use of the F-bomb makes for a difficult censoring experience. Nash apparently falls into the category of people who use the F-bomb like others use a comma.

Nash's argument seems to be that if the general public or a fan sees Hook and Jinder Mahal, the majority of them are going to identify "The Modern Day Maharajah" as a professional wrestler compared to Hook.

Nonetheless, the rise of MMA has opened the public's eyes to the capabilities of highly trained fighters against larger opponents. Hook's depiction as a highly trained fighter with submission skills is a smart way of booking him given his size. However, is this enough? 

Is Hook Too Small?

Nash was confused by Hook's size and weight, questioning whether Hook is classified as a flyweight. Hook is rather small for a wrestler, a situation that has been raised before. While he has plenty of heart, some fans find it difficult to take him seriously as an opponent due to his height and lack of body mass. AEW is all about pushing wrestlers of different sizes, and it must feel Hook has what it takes to be a credible opponent.

Interestingly, there have been rumors that the WWE is interested in signing Hook. If so, it will be interesting to see what role the WWE has planned for him.

Do you think Hook is too small or is he a good example of how wrestlers can be used effectively regardless of their size.