Kurt Angle Biopic in the Works

11/15/2023 2:08 AM

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Kurt Angle Biopic in the Works

Kurt Angle Biopic in the Works

November 15, 2023 2:08 AM
Kurt Angle Biopic in the Works
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Kurt Angle Provides Details

A Kurt Angle biopic is in the works. That's the news from wrestling's Olympic Hero himself. The WWE Superstar who espoused the power of intensity, integrity, and intelligence certainly has a remarkable life story. After all, he won a gold medal with a freakin' broken neck! Eventually, moviegoers will get the chance to see Angle's story.

Angle recently dropped the news during an appearance on The True Geordie Podcast:

"What I do now is, I dabble in movies. I got a movie coming up in January. I just did a movie last March. I do some of that. I got a movie we’re doing about my life story, which we’re gonna start filming probably next year. It should be a pretty cool thing. I’ll be able to help out with it, be an advisor, which is kind of cool. So I’m looking forward to that,"

H/T Fightful

Angle didn't provide any details on who will be playing him. It's also unknown what the film's timeline is. Angle has had such a remarkable life that there are many different stories to tell. Whether it's his fight to win Olympic gold, his entry into professional wrestling, or his battle with personal demons, a filmmaker has plenty of material to craft a compelling story.

Are More Wrestling Biopics on the Way?

With the Iron Claw movie's release around the corner, it will be interesting to see how the film does at the box office. If it performs well, expect to see more wrestling biopics. Wrestling has so many great stories including the battles between promoters, wrestlers' life stories, and the dark side of wrestling which continues to fascinate fans and the general public.

The biggest problem with biopics is the tendency for studios to fictionalize the film in an effort to make it more marketable. In the case of wrestling, the saying "truth is stranger than fiction" applies. However, is this enough to keep the typical Hollywood type from trying to "improve" a wrestler's life story or any film about wrestling? 

It would be a disappointment for fans to go and see a wrestling biopic only to see it transformed into a highly fictionalized story that misses out on the opportunity to explore the intense drama found in and out of the ring.

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