LA Knight vs Roman Reigns Rematch Happening at Royal Rumble?

11/24/2023 11:36 PM

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LA Knight vs Roman Reigns Rematch Happening at Royal Rumble?

LA Knight vs Roman Reigns Rematch Happening at Royal Rumble?

November 24, 2023 11:36 PM
LA Knight vs Roman Reigns Rematch Happening at Royal Rumble?
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Is Knight Setting Things Up for a Rematch?

Is an LA Knight vs Roman Reigns rematch happening at The Royal Rumble? There have been some signs that LA is being prepped for a rematch against "The Tribal Chief." First, Knight hasn't been quiet about how he was screwed out of his title win over Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel. Second, the WWE has booked him into more matches with The Bloodline following his controversial loss at Crown Jewel.

Knight hasn't lost any of his momentum after dropping the match to the Undisputed Champion, which means he could be a good opponent for Reigns. The current rumor is that Roman won't be defending the Undisputed Championship until The Royal Rumble. Presumably, this would be the first spot for LA Knight to get his rematch.

Will Roman Give LA Knight a Rematch?

Will Roman give LA Knight a rematch? There seems to be enough interest for it to happen. However, Dave Meltzer is reporting that there are no plans for the match to take place at The Royal Rumble: 

‚ÄúWe were told that as of this time, Reigns vs. Knight is not the title match at Rumble. That is Reigns‚Äô next match. There are those who feel it should be Knight in that spot, but we were told [Paul] Levesque has another plan right now.‚ÄĚ

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That doesn't mean LA Knight is finished with Reigns. Knight is hopping mad after Jimmy Uso interfered during his match against Reigns, saving Reigns from a title loss (at least it seemed that way to LA Knight fans). The white-hot Superstar has promised a rematch. You may recall Knight even told Roman before their Crown Jewel match that he needed to leave him buried in the desert or he would come back for him.

Why LA Knight Fans Shouldn't Want a Royal Rumble Rematch

As much as LA Knight fans would likely love to see him get a rematch against Roman (and win the title), a rematch at the 2024 Rumble is a terrible idea. The main reason is that the WWE wants Roman Reigns to go into WrestleMania 40 as Undisputed Champion. If Reigns is going to lose the Undisputed Championship, the WWE likely believes "The Showcase of the Immortals" is the place for it to happen. That being said, whoever Roman defends the title against at the Rumble will be his latest victim.

LA Knight doesn't need to be Roman Reigns' victim again. Knight scored bonus points by bouncing back from his loss with no decrease in his popularity. He might not be that fortunate if he goes against Reigns at January's PLE and drops a second match to him. Wrestling fans can only deal with so much heartbreak for their favorites, which is why it's difficult to push a wrestler who constantly loses (with The Miz being the exception that proves the rule).

Who Will Roman Reigns Wrestle at The Royal Rumble?

If LA Knight isn't getting his rematch, who is next in line to face the Undisputed Champion? Keep in mind that so far, there have been no reports of Roman defending the title at The Royal Rumble. While it's believed he'll grace the WWE Universe with an appearance, that doesn't mean he has to put his title on the line. He could compete in a tag match or six-man tag match. He could also sit out the event and enjoy that incredibly sweet deal he has with the WWE.

Although the WWE has done a good job with Roman destroying the majority of the roster, there are still some potential PLE opponents for the Rumble (assuming Roman defends the title).

AJ Styles

"The Phenomenal One" hasn't had a PLE match for the Undisputed Championship. Styles also has a ready-made storyline as The Bloodline beat him down last September, putting him out of action with a kayfabe injury. This angle could easily be used to justify AJ wanting revenge. Styles seems like the ideal opponent since he poses enough of a threat to be taken as a credible opponent against Reigns and a loss isn't going to hurt his status as he's no longer a consistent main eventer.

Bobby Lashley

"The All Mighty" vs "The Head of the Table" has been teased over the last year and a half. However, the match has yet to happen. On paper, this is an exciting match-up, especially since Lashley has The Street Profits to offset interference from The Bloodline. However, does the WWE want to waste what could be a multi-match program with a one-and-done at the Rumble?

Karrion Kross

The idea of Karrion Kross fighting Roman Reigns was teased as soon as Kross returned to the WWE. Regrettably, Kross' status in the WWE has gone from mysterious master of mayhem to that of a mid-carder looking to break out into the upper card. It would take some effort to establish Kross as a worthy opponent. This takes time and should not be rushed as it would only damage Kross' reputation further, leading fans to wonder how much longer before the WWE brings his helmet back.

Who would you like to see Roman Reigns defend the Undisputed Championship against at The Royal Rumble?

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