LA Knight vs Roman Reigns Will Happen at Crown Jewel

10/21/2023 12:11 AM

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LA Knight vs Roman Reigns Will Happen at Crown Jewel

LA Knight vs Roman Reigns Will Happen at Crown Jewel

October 21, 2023 12:11 AM
LA Knight vs Roman Reigns Will Happen at Crown Jewel
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Is There Any Chance of Knight Winning the Undisputed Championship?

LA Knight vs Roman Reigns will happen at Crown Jewel. The WWE made things official when it tweeted:



This long-awaited match comes after weeks of build-up with Roman Reigns' "Tribal Counsel" Paul Heyman doing everything possible to take LA Knight out of action, much as what happened with AJ Styles. However, Knight has been a difficult target to take out. Knight recently defeated Solo Sikoa (a rare occurrence) and also teamed with John Cena at Fastlane, defeating Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa.

Can LA Knight do what no one has been able to do for the last three years and defeat Roman Reigns for his championship gold? That's the question fans will have to wait until 4 November to learn the answer to. For now though, let's look at the possibilities.

Will LA Knight Defeat Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel?

The answer is a big N-O, at least if fans believe the WWE wants to book Roman Reigns vs Cody Rhodes 2 for WrestleMania 40. The game plan would be to have Cody go for the title that slipped through his fingers at WrestleMania 39, presumably winning it after a year of fighting his way back to the top. Some fans think Cody's quest will lead to him winning the 2024 Royal Rumble.

However, if Roman retains, how will this affect LA Knight's push? The white-hot Superstar's popularity has grown like a nuclear chain reaction, with everybody chanting his name and LA Knight merchandise selling at incredible rates.

The WWE is taking a chance if it has Knight lose to Roman Reigns. He certainly won't be the first popular Superstar to come short but will Knight's loss be the final straw for fans who have grown tired of the Roman's reign of over three years?

If Knight loses at Crown Jewel, will it impact LA's momentum? Will fans see him as just another wrestler who couldn't seal the deal? Also, what type of program can the WWE create to keep his momentum going? 

LA Knight's match with Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel is a huge sign of his success as well as how the WWE sees him. After all, the WWE likes to book mega matches in Saudi Arabia so Knight should be honored with the match.

However, will he be so happy if he has to count the lights after another convoluted win by Reigns, complete with referee bumps, outside interference, and low blows?  More important, will the WWE Universe be happy?