Liv Morgan Defeats Becky Lynch, Wins Women’s World Championship

5/25/2024 7:25 PM

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Liv Morgan Defeats Becky Lynch, Wins Women’s World Championship

Liv Morgan Defeats Becky Lynch, Wins Women’s World Championship

May 25, 2024 7:25 PM
Liv Morgan Defeats Becky Lynch, Wins Women’s World Championship
WWE News

Liv Morgan has won the Women’s World Championship in Saudi Arabia - and she didn’t do it alone.

Liv Morgan defeated Becky Lynch in the opener of King and Queen of the Ring, thus lifting the Women’s World Championship.

Morgan’s ingenious obLIVion finisher secured her the three-count, though this was preceded by some shady interference from ‘Dirty’ Dominik Mysterio. Dom, who was sporting a sling, appeared at ringside while Becky had Liv trapped in the Dis-Arm-Her, sliding a steel chair into the ring for ‘The Man’ to use, however, while he distracted referee Daphanie LaShaunn, it would be Liv who made use of the steel. She DDT’ed Becky atop the weapon before finishing her off.

Becky Lynch had reigned as Women’s World Champion since Raw’s April 22 broadcast, picking up the title in a Battle Royal by last dumping out Liv Morgan. The championship had been declared vacant the previous Monday when then-champion Rhea Ripley was sidelined with an injury.

Will Liv Morgan Join The Judgement Day?

Rumours of Liv Morgan’s involvement with The Judgement Day had been running rampant for weeks, owing to segments of Raw showing Morgan interacting with its members, namely exiting a vehicle with Finn Balor and having Dominik’s trademark purple bandana in her trouser pocket. Although Dom’s assistance was made to appear accidental, he helped Liv nonetheless; she’s the new Women’s World Champion because of his help.

She’s been favoured to replace Rhea Ripley in The Judgement Day ever since she declared she wished to take everything that belonged to ‘Mami’. WWE Hall of Famer Bubba Ray Dudley discussed Liv’s potential future in the faction during an edition of Busted Open Radio:

“Can you imagine Liv Morgan infiltrating The Judgement Day? Here’s your story; she uses Dominik [Mysterio] to get into The Judgement Day, she takes over The Judgement Day, and with maybe [Damian] Priest getting away because Priest is telling these guys, ‘I don’t need you. You don’t need me’. So, Priest might be getting himself away from it. The Judgement Day might need some new leadership or guidance. She gets in Dominik’s head. Dominik convinces the rest of the guys we could use her. She takes over the club, she takes Dom’s heart, and now we have the setup for the return of Rhea.”

The Judgement Day was formed at WrestleMania 38 when WWE Hall of Famer Edge was joined by Damian Priest. Although ‘The Rated R Superstar’ has since been booted out of the group, Priest remains, alongside Rhea Ripley, Dominik Mysterio, and Finn Balor.

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