Logan Paul Makes Huge Request For WWE Summerslam

9/27/2023 1:22 PM

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Logan Paul Makes Huge Request For WWE Summerslam

Logan Paul Makes Huge Request For WWE Summerslam

September 27, 2023 1:22 PM
Logan Paul Makes Huge Request For WWE Summerslam

He Needs To Leave Summerslam Early & Here's Why...

Logan Paul has done a sensational job transitioning into the world of professional wrestling, but the YouTuber-turned-wrestler recently revealed how one aspect of the business confounded him. “The Maverick” spoke with Seth Rollins about this on Logan’s Impaulsive podcast:

I’m obviously a heel, and I like it. But I didn’t at first. When I first got there, and people started booing me. I really took it personally. I just didn’t understand. No, I was p*ssed. Bruce Prichard came back. He was like that was amazing, they hate you. Why is that amazing? Like, I’m affected by this.

You may recall rumors that Paul’s original deal with the WWE stated that he would work as a babyface. Logan in fact worked as a babyface after The Miz turned on him at WrestleMania XXXVIII but eventually turned heel.

Playing a heel is no longer a problem as Paul told Seth:

“Now I eat it up. It’s so fun. And I’ve started to play with just one on one interactions with people in the front row who are booing me.”

Logan Paul seems like a natural heel and knows how to feed off the crowd. Some fans believe his rumored match against Ricochet at SummerSlam could help elevate Ricochet.

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Logan Paul & Ricochet Displaying Incredible Athleticism[/caption]

Fans could see Logan vs Ricochet open “The Biggest Party of the Summer” as Logan reportedly has a pressing matter that night:

“After SummerSlam, my brother who is fighting on the same night in Dallas, as soon as my match ends, I’m going to hop on a PJ [private jet], fly to Dallas in my gear, walk in the ring with my brother for his fight against Nate Diaz… I requested first match. We did the math, it’s barely doable.”

Was Logan Paul Scheduled to Face LA Knight at SummerSlam?

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Logan Paul & LA Knight[/caption]

Speaking of Logan Paul vs Ricochet, Paul told Seth Rollins how LA Knight was one of two opponents he wanted to face at SummerSlam:

“There are two guys that I would potentially have a match with at SummerSlam. I don’t really know how this works, do I pitch to the company, do they pitch me. The two guys are Ricochet and LA Knight, for various reasons.”

It’s unknown what the WWE has planned for Knight at SummerSlam but fans shouldn’t rule out a future match between LA and Logan.

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