Logan Paul Talks The Importance Of The US Title

11/15/2023 11:14 AM

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Logan Paul Talks The Importance Of The US Title

Logan Paul Talks The Importance Of The US Title

November 15, 2023 11:14 AM
Logan Paul Talks The Importance Of The US Title
WWE News

Logan Paul has a ton of respect for the wrestling industry...

Logan Paul’s recent IMPAULSIVE episode made for fascinating viewing, as Logan discussed the importance of winning the US Title:

“I wasn’t like a diehard WWE fan I was a casual fan I’ve always had so much respect for this sport, I was always thought it was so cool, I had my favorite wrestlers growing up but I wasn’t watching RAW & SmackDown every day like some people are doing now, but they asked me what does this belt mean, what is it exactly & even to me when I was an outsider I don’t think I really understood what the belts meant & now that I’m in the industry & I’m learning from my peers around me…”

Logan then added that the art of wrestling is considerably harder than boxing:

“…I have such respect for the art of wrestling because it’s by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done, it’s much harder than boxing — wrestling is much harder cause it’s a 360 degree art, there are so many things involved in this world that make it extremely difficult so people ask me what’s so special about the belt, to me it’s a symbol of accomplishment & trust in the craft in the human. The WWE doesn’t just give this belt to someone, it is them intrusting you with their publicly traded company worth help 4 billion at the moment like it’s a big deal they stamp you & are willing to say you’re significant enough & have done enough disruption in our company for us to put one of our titles on you….”

It's unknown when exactly Logan will reappear on WWE programming.