Maryse Diagnosed With Rare Pre-Cancer Of The Ovaries

2/10/2024 7:00 PM

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Maryse Diagnosed With Rare Pre-Cancer Of The Ovaries

Maryse Diagnosed With Rare Pre-Cancer Of The Ovaries

February 10, 2024 7:00 PM
Maryse Diagnosed With Rare Pre-Cancer Of The Ovaries
WWE News

The former Divas Champion took to Instagram to share the news.

Maryse took to Instagram today to reveal to her fans that she has been diagnosed with a rare pre-cancer of the ovaries. Maryse revealed that she had been suffering from severe abdominal distention and swelling. She was also suffering from extreme fatigue, and her problems eventually became chronic. Maryse stated that she saw countless doctors, but nobody could tell her what was happening. Thankfully, Maryse would end up meeting a doctor in LA, and this was when the doctor finally listened to her, and her diagnosis was discovered:

“From the start when I met Thais at her office in LA, she listened to my story, truly listened. She heard me (a doctor's quality that makes a tremendous difference) and agreed that we have to push to get to the bottom of this. She always said "No one knows your body better than you." She proposed we go in there and find out. I was ready. A week ago I went into surgery with Dr. Thais. She performed a Laparoscopy surgery for what we thought at the time was potentially Endometriosis disease!”

Maryse continued by saying:

“She found and removed 11 implants around my uterus, ovaries, and all connective tissues around the organs in my abdominal cavity. These were sent to pathology for testing. 3 days later... the labs came back. No endometriosis. All 11 implants came back as Serous Borderline Tumors. A very rare pre-cancer of the ovaries. Very sneaky and aggressive. If those became cancer, the survival rate is less than a year.”
“So what happens next? I am scheduled for total hysterectomy surgery in 4 weeks. My uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix, omentum will be removed and will get abdominal lymph nodes removed for staging…”

In her heartfelt post, Maryse revealed that she’s remaining positive, and she’s determined to beat it. Maryse hopes that her diagnosis will bring awareness to issues within women’s healthcare.

We here at Wrestlelamia extend our well wishes to Maryse, and we wish her a speedy recovery.