Is Matt Riddle Angry with WWE?

1/5/2024 10:11 PM

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Is Matt Riddle Angry with WWE?

Is Matt Riddle Angry with WWE?

January 5, 2024 10:11 PM
Is Matt Riddle Angry with WWE?
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Riddle Reveals Feelings About His WWE Release

Is Matt Riddle angry with the WWE following his release last September? Matt Riddle opened up about his WWE exit during an interview with FOX Sports. Wrestling's "Ultimate Bro" had several disciplinary issues in the WWE, including two rumored Wellness Policy violations that led to him missing time from TV.

Riddle is forging ahead with his pro wrestling career and is set to compete at Major League Wrestling's 6 January show when he battles Jacob Fatu. As noted in a recent news video, it appears Riddle will also be competing in New Japan Pro Wrestling. However, what does he think about being released?

Riddle told FOX Sports' Ryan Gaydos:

"...I have no hard feelings. And I would just say, with WWE, they run a ship, they run it a certain way, and when you work for WWE, everything you do is under a magnifying glass. It doesn’t matter if you did anything wrong, if you did something right, if it was in between, it’s perception. And the WWE, unfortunately, if a situation happens, and they don’t like the perception, they make their decision. But I’m not going to argue with them. That’s their company. I don’t run it. I just worked there. I’m thankful that they gave me the time that they did and that’s all I can say."

Riddle had a successful run in the WWE, including one reign as United States Champion and two reigns as RAW Tag Team Champion in his popular team with Randy Orton. Riddle's unlikely pairing with Randy Orton was reportedly going to be brief, but the WWE Universe's love for the team dubbed "RK-Bro" led to the two teaming together until Orton was sidelined with an injury.

And what of the WWE? Does Riddle feel the WWE has any animosity towards him? Matt told FOX Sports:

"I have zero hard feelings. I don’t know if I can say that for them. They might have some hard feelings, but I feel like they’re pretty professional. They’re more about that paper, that money. So, I don’t think there’s any hard feelings. I mean, they did have to pay me for three months when I didn’t work. That was on them. They fired me."

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A Classic Case of What Might Have Been

Matt Riddle seemed headed for a solid spot in the WWE's upper card. The case can be made that he could have broken into the main event with enough seasoning. The WWE Universe adored him and his combination of MMA-style wrestling mixed with aerial moves (you didn't think WrestleLamia was going to say high-flying, did you?) made for exciting matches.

Unfortunately for Riddle, it seemed as if every time he was making headway in the WWE, he found himself rocked by troubles outside of the ring. Despite his talent, it seems that the WWE decided that Riddle's liabilities outweighed his assets.

Riddle Forges Ahead

While Matt Riddle may have blown the opportunity of a lifetime with the WWE, he seems committed to forging ahead. With matches booked for MLW and likely New Japan, rumor has it that Riddle is focused on working a style that relies on his MMA background and ignores his at times goofy character in the WWE. While Riddle could be as serious as a heart attack (something fans saw during Matt's fierce feud with Seth Rollins), he was often portrayed as someone who seemed as comfortable on the set of Dazed and Confused as he did in a wrestling ring.

It will be interesting to see if Riddle can succeed in his latest endeavors. His talents are undeniable and if he can go for some time without his name hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons, he might be invited back to the WWE.

What do you think about Riddle's reaction to his release? Are you looking forward to his new wrestling projects?

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