Maven's Heartfelt Shoot About Chris Benoit

12/16/2023 9:20 AM

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Maven's Heartfelt Shoot About Chris Benoit

Maven's Heartfelt Shoot About Chris Benoit

December 16, 2023 9:20 AM
Maven's Heartfelt Shoot About Chris Benoit
Wrestling News

Maven Opens up about one of the worst incidents in wrestling history.

Recently, Maven Huffman (former WWE Superstar Maven) has made a YouTube channel breaking down life in the WWE.

His latest video was part of a 3 part series rating wrestlers he worked with. The final wrestler he talked about was Chris Benoit, which led to one of the most heart-wrenching confessions from the former wrestler. Maven showed class as he attacked the question tastefully, saying that he can categorize Chris Benoit “The Wrestler” and Chris Benoit “ The Monster.”

Maven went on to describe what type of person Benoit was.

“When I did a backstage segment with Chris the night I was the GM on RAW, and when I say the man was passionate, I think that undersells what he brought to the business. The backstage segment we did, it was me, him, and Jericho, and the story of it is I’m debating in my head if I’m going to wrestle for the title or join Evolution, and I ask those guys “Hey what do you think guys?”. Jericho encourages me “You have to take this opportunity. Triple H is lying to you,” and he walks off. We didn’t go over this beforehand, so what Chris gave was,I dare I say, his heart and soul being put out on camera.”

He continued on about how he remembers Chris and talked about how people should approach talking about this tragic situation.

“Stacy Keebler was the one who told me about what happened, and I remember because my mind went back and I was like “wow.” But you never know, and I’m not going to go into something. This isn’t an ad for anything and I’m not going to preach to anybody, but you never know what someone is going through. You never know and thus the world lost 2 souls that should be living still to this day. Two families were gutted and I mean gutted. I understand when people don’t want to bring up Chris’ name and I understand when a company doesn’t want to use their image or likeness anything anymore. I get it. You obviously can’t market someone that does something so tragic and so awful, but I can also put a very, very sturdy argument forth that when you don’t talk about what happened, you run the risk and danger of minimalizing Daniel and Nancy. I think we should talk about what happened more. Why? Because then someone might be able to see the warning signs before ‘this’ happens to someone else.”

A statement as powerful and unbiased as the one Maven put forward is rare when it comes to bringing up one of wrestling's most tragic stories. Chris Benoit killed his wife and child on June 22nd, 2007 before killing himself that night. What made the murder more devastating was that Chris Benoit's autopsy showed that Chris’ brain had irreparable damage due to multiple concussions. The WWE wrestler had signs of CTE and possible dementia and behavioral problems. The Benoit family is survived by his only son, David.

The video isn’t all doom and gloom, however. Maven talks about many other superstars including Booker T, Mic Foley, Mark Henry, and even Michael Cole. Check his page out by clicking the link.