Mercedes Moné’s First AEW Opponent Revealed

4/22/2024 2:37 AM

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Mercedes Moné’s First AEW Opponent Revealed

Mercedes Moné’s First AEW Opponent Revealed

April 22, 2024 2:37 AM
Mercedes Moné’s First AEW Opponent Revealed
AEW News

‘The CEO’ is going for gold at Double or Nothing - but who will she face?

Mercedes Moné vs. Willow Nightingale is official for AEW Double or Nothing on Sunday, May 26.

The match, formally confirmed via in-corner match graphic, was made official following Willow’s victory of the AEW TBS Championship over Julia Hart during tonight’s Dynasty pay-per-view. Mercedes had been shown watching the match from backstage, having previously staked her claim to AEW’s secondary women’s title for the company’s fifth-anniversary event.

This won’t be a first-time meeting between Mercedes and Willow, though, as Nightingale scored a win over the former Sasha Banks in May 2023 to end her reign as IWGP Women’s Champion. The match was originally due to end on a Moné victory, but a mid-match ankle injury left ‘The CEO’ calling an audible to have Willow lift the gold from her.

Mercedes Moné Is AEW’s “Biggest Failure”, Says Konnan

Finally arriving in All Elite Wrestling during the special March 13 Dynamite - appropriately titled Big Bu$$iness - Mercedes Moné is heavily believed to now be the highest-paid women’s star in professional wrestling but according to Konnan on his Keepin’ It 100 podcast, the multi-time Women’s Champion has a been a failure for AEW (H/T Ringside News):

"Well, the thing is you spent a lot of money - we don’t know how much - on [Kazuchika] Okada, right? He means absolutely nothing. You spent a lot of money on [Will] Ospreay. I won’t say he means nothing but so far, you haven’t really gotten a return on him, which you should be getting immediately. And Moné’s probably been the biggest failure of all. Another bad promo. Do you not see that she’s not good on the mic? Live or backstage, we’ve been, Disco [Inferno] and I, have been saying this about her since she was in WWE. We like her, we like her look, we like her wrestling, [we like] her swag. She’s not good on the mic, and she comes off like a heel.”

Alas, Mercedes Moné’s AEW debut has been watched millions of times across all AEW social media channels, while her contract is reportedly worth millions, too, though not quite the $5 million deal that had been heavily rumoured.