Mick Foley Explains Why He's Coming Out Of Retirement

3/3/2024 8:15 AM

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Mick Foley Explains Why He's Coming Out Of Retirement

Mick Foley Explains Why He's Coming Out Of Retirement

March 3, 2024 8:15 AM
Mick Foley Explains Why He's Coming Out Of Retirement
WWE News

A bold move from Foley.

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley recently revealed that he plans to come out of retirement. Foley, despite not wrestling since 2015, wants to compete in one-more match, and due to Foley wanting this match to be a death match, it’s likely it will take place outside of the WWE realm.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, the wrestling legend revealed exactly why he believes it’s time to wrestle again:

”… Now fast forward my wrestling days are over I spent with two small occasions all of that time since 1999 well over 300 lbs and I got down on three different occasions below 300 and then as I saw that my weight really starting to get away from me…I just thought maybe I need that motivation and along the way I can appreciate the lifestyle changes, the eating differences the exercise, there’s no reason for somebody at my age in weight to not be exercising for three straight years…”

Foley continued by saying:

”I think it’s something of a paradox that by competing in a death match, I will have a much better life. Like that day is going to be tough, it’s going to be tough, but the lessons I learn leading up to that match are lessons I intend to carry forward for the rest of my life. To me. it’s the difference between being a grandfather someday who can crawl on the ground and play with their grandchildren and a grandfather who sits and watches from the sidelines and I don’t want to be that guy sitting on the sidelines, so I know having a wild match involving barb wire , thumb tacks, we’re going to bring in it, but these are going to be tools of life for that.”

Foley has previously stated that he believes having another match will be “fun”, and it remains unclear who this match will be against, yet Matt Cardona has been campaigning for the match over on Twitter since Foley first made the announcement.

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