MJF Reveals Why He Re-Signed With AEW

6/22/2024 10:13 PM

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MJF Reveals Why He Re-Signed With AEW

MJF Reveals Why He Re-Signed With AEW

June 22, 2024 10:13 PM
MJF Reveals Why He Re-Signed With AEW
AEW News

MJF spills the tea.

Although there were rumours that MJF could potentially sign with WWE, the former AEW World Champion eventually decided to re-sign with AEW and return to the company.

In relation as to why MJF made this bold decision, we now know thanks to a recent interview with FOX 5:

“Look, it was a very easy decision for me, mainly because, Tony, is paying me an exorbitant amount of money. But outside of that, I also, I believe in AEW. I believe that it’s where the best wrestle. I believe that we have some of the most top-tier elite talent you get to see in the world today.”

This is a great answer as it blurs the lines between kayfabe and reality. MJF is without question one of AEW’s biggest stars, and it would have been a major blow if MJF decided to leave the company and sign with WWE.

Whilst MJF isn’t heading to WWE in the immediate future, there is still the possibility that MJF has a run in the promotion during the swan-song portion of his career. MJF has a genuine friendship with the face of WWE Cody Rhodes, so this will likely positively influence MJF debuting for WWE down the line.

H/T - E Wrestling News.