More WWE Production Changes Are Coming

4/8/2024 1:55 PM

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More WWE Production Changes Are Coming

More WWE Production Changes Are Coming

April 8, 2024 1:55 PM
More WWE Production Changes Are Coming
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Let's go.

Ever since Kevin Dunn departed WWE, the WWE production style has received a mass overhaul. The look and feel of the WWE product is now vastly different, and this was on full display during WrestleMania XL weekend, as WWE experimented with a ton of new camera angles and visual styles.

According to Triple H during the post-show press conference, more changes are coming:

“[He] is new here, but has been, no pun intended, a game changer. Lee Fitting. From a production standpoint, from what we’re doing, the look, the feel. You see changes happening every week on TV, and there is going to be more of them. You see them and I see people excited by them, just loving the changes that are made…”

There has been extensive discourse surrounding how Dunn was holding WWE back from a visual and presentation perspective, and this is certainly a step in the right direction if WWE wants to continue to evolve their product.

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