New Announce Team Debuts on RAW

1/30/2024 1:30 AM

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New Announce Team Debuts on RAW

New Announce Team Debuts on RAW

January 30, 2024 1:30 AM
New Announce Team Debuts on RAW
WWE News

Familiar Face Joins Michael Cole

Looks like the WWE's revolving door policy for its announce teams is still going strong as a new announce team debuts on RAW. Fans tuning into the 29 January edition of the red brand saw Michael Cole sitting alone at the announce booth.

Was the WWE going to try things as ECW did with Joey Styles and have Cole call the matches on his own? No. Pat McAfee showed up, surprising the WWE Universe as he sat down with Cole, and Michael revealed they're back together. The dynamic duo of the WWE announce booth are back together.

This follows last week's news where Kevin Patrick was pulled as SmackDown announcer and later released. Michael Cole called the action on SmackDown last week but it's unknown who is going to take over for Patrick on SmackDown.

What do you think of Pat McAfee reuniting with Michael Cole?