New Report Claims Naomi Isn't Appearing at Royal Rumble

1/16/2024 12:20 AM

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New Report Claims Naomi Isn't Appearing at Royal Rumble

New Report Claims Naomi Isn't Appearing at Royal Rumble

January 16, 2024 12:20 AM
New Report Claims Naomi Isn't Appearing at Royal Rumble
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What's Keeping Naomi from a Rumble Return?

A new report claims former WWE Superstar Naomi isn't appearing at The Royal Rumble. If the report is accurate, it will be a big disappointment for fans who were hoping to see her WWE return occur at the Women's Rumble match.

Naomi (aka Trinity Fatu) has been working in TNA Wrestling since she showed up in the promotion last April, working as Trinity. Trinity quickly captured the promotion's Knockouts Championship, proving she didn't need to work in the WWE to succeed. Indeed, both Trinity and Mercedes Mone (aka WWE Superstar Sasha Banks) have done well outside the wrestling since they both walked out on the WWE in May 2022.

There's been plenty of speculation about Naomi appearing at The Royal Rumble. With rumors running rampant that the two-time SmackDown Champion's WWE return is imminent, the Rumble seems like the perfect venue. After all, the WWE Universe knows it can't have a Royal Rumble without some surprise returns and/or debuts.

However, a new report from PWInsider suggests that fans shouldn't expect Naomi back at The Royal Rumble. Wrestling News' Andrew Ravens summed up the report as follows:

Pwinsider reports they were told Trinity had several more dates with the promotion and did not finish up on Sunday.

H/T Wrestling News

Despite the report, it's possible Naomi could show up at the Rumble. First, the information given to PWInsider could have been inaccurate. Second, it's possible that the WWE could work out a deal with TNA to let Naomi work in The Royal Rumble, despite her being under contract to TNA.

Like many rumored Rumble appearances (including X-Pac), fans should take denials and reports claiming a wrestler won't appear skeptically. Who do you think will make a surprise return at The Royal Rumble, and will Naomi be one of them? 

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