News on Andrade's AEW Exit

1/17/2024 10:54 PM

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News on Andrade's AEW Exit

News on Andrade's AEW Exit

January 17, 2024 10:54 PM
News on Andrade's AEW Exit
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Rumor Andrade Considered Staying

Time for news on Andrade's exit from AEW, including a rumor that he considered staying in AEW once his deal expired. Andrade, who worked his last AEW match in a losing effort to Miro at AEW Worlds End is expected to show up in the WWE. Now, Fightful Select is providing some background on Andrade's departure and how he considered remaining there.

The Fightful Select report notes Andrade signed a two-year deal with AEW but that his time in the promotion was extended due to the time he missed due to injury. The report explains that Andrade thought about staying in AEW but as the end of 2023 neared, he knew he was done with the company. Andrade also let AEW management know his intentions.

One of the more interesting parts of the report concerns when Andrade was expected back in the WWE:

Many within AEW believed that they would see Andrade El Idolo on WWE programming the week after he left the company.

H/T WrestleTalk

However, Fightful is reporting that WWE sources have not officially confirmed Andrade is WWE-bound but others stated that " he was likely to head there." 

When Will Andrade Show Up in the WWE?

When will Andrade make his return (assuming he and the WWE reach a deal)? The Royal Rumble seems like a good place. However, the WWE's policy of keeping wrestlers off TV until they have a program for them could lead to weeks or even months before Andrade debuts. While an Andrade return would pop the WWE Universe, Triple H's policy of avoiding this type of hot-shot booking means an Andrade appearance at the Rumble can't be taken for granted.

Andrade was booked well during his time in NXT and Andrade has praised Triple H (who booked NXT at the time) for helping his career. Now that Triple H is the WWE's Chief Content Officer, Andrade likely feels more confident about his chances to get pushed in the WWE.

Do you think Andrade is heading to the WWE? If so, do you think he'll get a strong push?