Nia Jax Throws Shade at Ronda Rousey

12/1/2023 12:51 AM

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Nia Jax Throws Shade at Ronda Rousey

Nia Jax Throws Shade at Ronda Rousey

December 1, 2023 12:51 AM
Nia Jax Throws Shade at Ronda Rousey
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What Did Jax Say?

Nia Jax throws shade at Ronda Rousey in a recent interview, leading to fans wondering whether Jax is just talking trash or there's something more to her comments. Jax, who has been enjoying a strong push since her return to the WWE this September, recently spoke with Albany area radio station Q105.7 and had this to say about her former tag team partner and occasional foe, Shayna Baszler:

“She is a great expert at her Judo moves, she is a former UFC fighter. She did take out Ronda Rousey. Ronda Rousey just got sent to a whole other company lesser than us. Shayna does get credit for that.
Being so close to her and knowing her every move, I definitely have some good counters. I’m a lot stronger than her. A lot more powerful. I think I’ll be okay,”

H/T TJR Wrestling

Is Nia Jax just talking trash as some WWE Superstars are known to do when a colleague leaves the WWE or is there something more personal to Jax's comments? 

Past Speculation that Nia Jax Had Heat with Ronda Rousey

This wouldn't be the first time fans questioned whether Jax has legitimate heat with Ronda Rousey. You may recall an interview Jax gave that some believed referenced Rousey's first run in the WWE. As noted by's Connor Casey:

Jax, who feuded with Rousey during her run with the company, caused a stir a few weeks when she talked about how she had to go to WWE officials and stand up for Alexa Bliss after she had been repeatedly injured by an unnamed wrestler. Given Bliss' concussion history, it wasn't hard to make the connection that she was talking about Rousey


Rousey doesn't appear to be working in any other promotions other than to help her friend Marina Shafir but that hasn't stopped fans from wondering whether "Rowdy" Ronda is considering a run in AEW, ROH, or New Japan.

Do you think Jax is staying in character or could there be some legit heat towards Ronda Rousey? Do you think Rousey will reply to Jax's comments?