No Plans for Mercedes Mone in AEW?

12/15/2023 11:33 PM

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No Plans for Mercedes Mone in AEW?

No Plans for Mercedes Mone in AEW?

December 15, 2023 11:33 PM
No Plans for Mercedes Mone in AEW?
AEW News

Does This Mean Mercedes is WWE-Bound?

Are there no plans for Mercedes Mone in AEW? While it's often tricky to pierce wrestling's veil of trickery (after all, this is an industry that's long been based off fooling its audience), a recent report has some pundits believing Mercedes Mone (aka former WWE Superstar Sasha Banks) is no longer planning to work with AEW. If so, does that mean the WWE Universe could see Banks bounce back into the WWE after her 2022 exit?

Fightful Select's Sean Ross Sapp recently held a Q&A session and was asked whether Mercedes plans to work with AEW soon. Mone was spotted in the crowd at AEW's All In Wembley Stadium show, fueling speculation she would work some sort of program in AEW once she healed from her ankle injury. However, Sapp is reporting:

“I haven’t heard anything except that the once working plans for Mercedes and AEW are no longer working plans.”

H/T Ringside News

However, Sapp added that he hasn't heard of any talks between the WWE and Mone.

However, fans shouldn't take Sapp's reports as gospel. This has nothing to do with his reliability but with wrestling promotions' reputation for working news sources to keep fans in the dark about a wrestler's arrival. This should be clear after months of denial by WWE sources that CM Punk was returning to the company.

Could the Boss-n-Hug Connection Reunite?

Although fans will have to wait to see what Mercedes does when she is able to wrestle, WWE fans would love to see a Boss-n-Hug Connection reunion. Sasha Banks and Bayley had two solid runs together in the WWE, including when they became the inaugural WWE Women's Tag Team Champions in 2019 and when they dominated the women's division in 2020, respectively holding the RAW and SmackDown Women's Championships as well as the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship.

Although Banks and Bayley eventually split up, the possibility of a reunion remained until Banks exited the WWE in 2022. However, Bayley has hinted at a reunion with Banks in the WWE. She's also made it clear in interviews that she's constantly asking Sasha to return to the WWE.

If Banks returns to the WWE, she could reunite with Bayley, especially if "The Role Model" is kicked out of Damage-CTRL. Many members of the WWE Universe feel it's only a question of when regarding Bayley's ouster from the group she created. If and when that happens, Bayley could benefit from having her long-time friend by her side.

What's Next for Mercedes Mone?

Not much is known about Mercedes' future plans other than rumors she is still under contract to New Japan Pro Wrestling. If she is under contract, it seems unlikely she'd make it to the WWE (assuming she wanted to return there). However, Mercedes could work in AEW if New Japan continues its good working relationship with All Elite Wrestling.

What do you think is next for Mercedes? Where would you like to see her work next?