NXT Reportedly Headed to the CW

11/7/2023 9:04 PM

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NXT Reportedly Headed to the CW

NXT Reportedly Headed to the CW

November 7, 2023 9:04 PM
NXT Reportedly Headed to the CW
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NXT's Next Home

NXT is reportedly headed to the CW. There has been speculation about RAW and NXT's homes once the current deal with USA Network expires and now, it appears we know where the black-and-gold brand will be come 2024. Here's what PWInsider is reporting:

Multiple sources in the broadcast industry have confirmed that the CW Network and WWE have been in deep discussions for weeks about NXT shifting from its current basic cable home on the USA Network to a traditional broadcast television home, airing live weekly on the CW Network when the brand’s current media rights deal ends in September 2024.

H/T Ringside News

CW Reportedly Looking for More Sports Programming

The CW has traditionally been known for its youth-themed dramas and superhero shows. However, that may be changing. Wrestling News' Angel Aramboles noted in his report on the potential CW move that:

The CW reportedly is focusing more on sports programming and they have reportedly had conversations with several wrestling promotions over the past year or so.

H/T Wrestling News

If this deal goes through, it reportedly will lead to more exposure for NXT as the CW is seen in more homes than the USA Network is. Naturally, that doesn't mean people will watch but it if the WWE can create compelling programming, it could grow its audience further.

What Happened to the Rumored NWA/CW Partnership?

If you've been keeping up on the news, you know that the CW was reportedly close to finalizing a deal with Billy Corgan's NWA for a weekly NWA Wrestling show and a reality show. However, that deal may be in danger thanks to a controversial spot on a recent NWA pay-per-view. According to Haus of Wrestling:

This past weekend at NWA Samhain, long-time pro wrestling manager Father James Mitchell participated in a controversial segment that went viral. Mitchell was seen at a private seating area near the ring surrounded by scantily clad women drinking bottles of alcohol and some very energetic pro wrestlers. The reason for their amped-up energy? Cocaine. Mitchell could be seen snorting the illegal substance and passing it around to his young compatriots to indulge in as well.

H/T Haus of Wrestling

Not surprisingly, it's now believed the "cocaine" spot may have damaged or destroyed the potential deal. Since the CW/NXT deal hasn't been confirmed, it's unknown if the CW/NWA deal was finalized or not.

What do you think of this potential move for NXT? 

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