One Day Until CM Punk's Debut?

11/24/2023 8:56 PM

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One Day Until CM Punk's Debut?

One Day Until CM Punk's Debut?

November 24, 2023 8:56 PM
One Day Until CM Punk's Debut?
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Latest Talk on CM Punk at Survivor Series

Is there one day until CM Punk's debut? As the wrestling world waits to see whether Punk returns to the WWE at Survivor Series, more information is coming in concerning wrestling's "Straight Edge Superstar."

By now, some fans are fed up with the talk of Punk's potential WWE return and WrestleLamia feels your pain. Whether you're a diehard Punk fan or you couldn't care less, the speculation over his possible return has risen to ridiculous heights. One day fans hear the WWE doesn't want him back then another day they hear he's met with the WWE Board of Directors, allegedly to see if he can play nice in the company.

Nevertheless, some fans are hopeful Punk will return and any shred of evidence is worth investigating. Let's look at two pieces to the puzzle discussed by "Diamond" Dave Meltzer in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Regarding whether Punk is coming in,

We’ve seen no evidence this is happening and those close to the situation have denied it, but it is possible it’s a well-kept secret.

As WrestleLamia has said many times before (and we're certainly not alone in stating this), the WWE would have no interest in revealing Punk's surprise debut ahead of time. This is different than when Punk debuted in AEW, a situation that wasn't openly admitted to but that AEW didn't go out of its way to hide, hopeful fans would tune into Rampage to watch.

Meltzer discussed whether any bad blood between management and certain wrestlers would keep Punk from returning:

From the start we were told that while there is negativity about Punk, they are not completely opposed to it if the idea is it’s something they have to do in regard to fan response. While every creative head has their plan, this creative side is not looking at being combative with the audience like Vince McMahon often was.

H/T 27 November 2023 Wrestling Observer Newsletter

More Signs of Punk Returning to the WWE

As if there haven't been enough teases by WWE Superstars, announcers, the USA Network, and Punk himself, a new story broke late this week about another hint that Punk is returning at Survivor Series. As always, WrestleLamia has you covered and we direct you to our latest news video below.

The good news is that fans don't have long to wait. Survivor Series is nearly here and once it's over, we'll know for sure whether CM Punk and the WWE have mended fences and back to working together. That is, unless the WWE decides to stretch things out wait until RAW or SmackDown to have him return.

2023 has been one of the wildest years in professional wrestling in a long time and a CM Punk return would be the perfect bookend. What do you think of the latest rumblings concerning Punk? 

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