QUIZ: Name Every WWE ECW Champion

5/6/2024 1:56 PM

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QUIZ: Name Every WWE ECW Champion

QUIZ: Name Every WWE ECW Champion

May 6, 2024 1:56 PM
QUIZ: Name Every WWE ECW Champion

They may not be Taz or Raven, but can you name every holder of WWE’s revived ECW Championship?

On this day in 2008, WWE presented its 100th episode of the revamped ECW, broadcast exclusively on Sci-Fi and headlined by CM Punk and Kane taking on Chavo Guerrero and his oft-forgotten enforcer, Bam Neely.

Although WWE ECW - or WWECW if you’re down with the times - was a trainwreck, it did provide some notably entertaining moments, such as that time Bobby Lashley threw himself through a steel cage to get to Umaga or that surprising scorcher of a match between Christian and Zack Ryder. The rest of it, though?

Oh, it was a trainwreck alright.

Concluding in 2010, there were 16 individual reigns with the ECW Championship. Can you name them all? You have five minutes. Good luck!