REPORT: Andrade Returning To WWE

12/31/2023 11:45 AM

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REPORT: Andrade Returning To WWE

REPORT: Andrade Returning To WWE

December 31, 2023 11:45 AM
REPORT: Andrade Returning To WWE
WWE News

This is exciting...

The Wrestling world has been buzzing following reports and rumours that a former WWE Champion could return on RAW tomorrow night.

This excitement has been elevated even further, after BWE on Twitter implied that a wrestler is pulling a “Rick Rude move”. For those not aware, during the Monday Night Wars, due to WWE taping RAW, Rude was able to appear on both RAW and WCW Nitro on the same night.

Additionally, fans are now speculating that the individual who could have a “Rick Rude” style moment is Andrade.

These rumours have predominantly surfaced thanks to a new report from Fightful Select:

“…Fightful Select learned this week that Andrade and AEW were set to no longer work together, with most expecting it to culminate at the AEW Worlds End show. Numerous sources indicated that Andrade made it clear this past Wednesday at AEW Dynamite he no longer wanted to be with the company and was planning on leaving. We're told that the situation surrounding Andrade's exit was less than pleasant, with some even saying a major disagreement had unfolded.”

It now looks like the former NXT Champion is WWE-bound, and will be returning to the company “imminently”, Fightful Select adds:

“WWE sources had been told by those close to Andrade that his deal wouldn’t be up until at least the spring, but many we spoke to in AEW expected his deal to be up imminently.  There were many both AEW and WWE that expected him to head back to WWE. Fightful was able to learn of internal chatter about a potential return at WWE Day 1 Raw, which Triple H also teased. However, one source we spoke to seemed befuddled at the idea that would be Andrade, without outright denying it. It's unlikely they would confirm such a thing considering Andrade is still with AEW.”

In a surprising move, AEW President, Tony Khan confirmed that Andrade is leaving the company, and this is what Khan had to say in relation to Andrade on the Worlds End post-show scrum:

"Somebody who has not been with us the entire five years, but they've been with us about half the time. They've been outstanding and somebody I really respect and I don't expect to see necessarily, as it stands right now renewing the contract but somebody that I have a great amount of respect for and would be parting on good terms and was tremendous, was here and did wrestle tonight is Andrade El Idolo…”
“Andrade El Idolo's contract is up at the end of the year. We've had great talks. I have a tonne of respect for Andrade El Idolo. He's been a huge performer in the Continental Classic week after week I talked about this great run Collision's been on, Andrade El Idolo has been a huge part of it. Also has wrestled on the other shows and the Blue League of the Continental Classic…”

H/T - Fighful Select & SE Scoops.