Report: Bo Dallas Still With WWE

1/11/2024 1:37 PM

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Report: Bo Dallas Still With WWE

Report: Bo Dallas Still With WWE

January 11, 2024 1:37 PM
Report: Bo Dallas Still With WWE
WWE News

Will Dallas return to WWE TV?

Bo Dallas was last seen on WWE TV playing the Uncle Howdy character.

When Bray Wyatt was taken off WWE TV early last year, any plans for the Howdy character were seemingly dropped, yet in positive news, PWInsider Elite is reporting that Dallas is still with WWE.

Dallas is a tremendous talent, who had the ability to portray any role given to him. If Dallas is comfortable, it would be great to see Dallas back on TV in the coming months.

Dallas had runs in both NXT and the main roster, and his NXT Title run was a stand-out of the early years of the black and gold brand.