REPORT: CM Punk’s Actions Heavily Toned Down

9/27/2023 1:23 PM

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REPORT: CM Punk’s Actions Heavily Toned Down

REPORT: CM Punk’s Actions Heavily Toned Down

September 27, 2023 1:23 PM
REPORT: CM Punk’s Actions Heavily Toned Down

What the?!

One of the most worrying aspects of the CM Punk firing, is the news that Tony Khan thought his “life was in danger” during the backstage chaos at All In.

Whilst it could be claimed that Khan is exaggerating, Khan was there first hand, so only Khan can truly say how he was feeling in that specific moment. It was reported that Punk “lunged” towards Khan, and whilst this did seem far-fetched, it looks like Punk’s actions towards Khan were even worse than wrestling journalists are letting on.

Discussing the matter on Wrestling Observer Live, Dave Meltzer stated:

“Throughout this whole ordeal, you and I were far too kind to him. That’s the reality, we were far too kind. I always tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, I always tried to give his side. But they didn’t want to hear it, they just wanted to go, Oh you are after him, and everything like that. Lunging was far too kind. If you saw the actual wording of what was said, I was toning it down. It was more than lunging.”

This is a concerning report from Meltzer, as there is no excuse whatsoever for Punk to behave in this erratic and aggressive manner. We know that Punk was angry backstage, but to take out his frustrations on his own boss is one of the more bizarre and backwards decisions Punk has ever made.

Naturally, WWE will hear this report and question if reaching out to Punk is a good idea. Punk has had numerous physical interactions backstage over a 12-month period, and not even the boss of the entire company is safe from Punk’s wrath.

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