Report: Scott D’Amore Offered To Buy TNA

2/9/2024 8:54 AM

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Report: Scott D’Amore Offered To Buy TNA

Report: Scott D’Amore Offered To Buy TNA

February 9, 2024 8:54 AM
Report: Scott D’Amore Offered To Buy TNA
Wrestling News

Ex-TNA President’s offer to purchase the company was rebutted ahead of his termination.

Scott D’Amore approached Anthem Entertainment Group with an offer to purchase TNA Wrestling, it has been reported.

Per PWInsider’s Mike Johnson, D’Amore and Anthem owner Len Asper reached a “cross-road” concerning the operation of TNA. This reportedly led to Scott making an undisclosed offer described as being “worthy of consideration” to outright purchase the company, which was rebuffed by Anthem. This, though, appears to confirm that Scott D’Amore knew his time as TNA President was reaching its end, with PWInsider comparing this situation to that of Eric Bischoff when he attempted to buy WCW.

The report continued, explaining that Scott D’Amore was aware his termination was coming for “at least” a week, if not more. Furthermore, the move isn’t to hide anything lewd regarding D’Amore, as is typically the case when sudden executive terminations are made; instead, the change in Presidency is designed to better incorporate TNA Wrestling into the Anthem family.

Anthem purchased TNA in early 2017, taking over from a Billy Corgan-steered ship.

Scott D’Amore FIRED: What Happens Next?

The departure of Scott D’Amore from TNA Wrestling ends a seven-year relationship between the two parties, with D’Amore - and Don Callis - made Executive Vice Presidents in late 2017, before Scott was promoted to the role of TNA President just last March.

Moving forward, it is believed that all of the existing team members remain in place, including Head of Talent Relations Gail Kim and producer Tommy Dreamer, who fronted an internal Zoom call following D’Amore’s termination. Numerous changes have been discussed amongst TNA management, including a move to live TV, but nothing is yet confirmed.