Report: TNA To Hold LIVE TV From Old NXT Arena

2/27/2024 2:41 PM

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Report: TNA To Hold LIVE TV From Old NXT Arena

Report: TNA To Hold LIVE TV From Old NXT Arena

February 27, 2024 2:41 PM
Report: TNA To Hold LIVE TV From Old NXT Arena
Wrestling News

TNA Wrestling could be about to make a blockbuster move from Skyway Studios to…

TNA Wrestling could be planning a move to Winter Park, Florida’s Full Sail University, the prolific ‘NXT Arena’ that hosted WWE’s black-and-gold brand for close to a decade.

The news comes via Dave Meltzer, who reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that the new venue would be a regular gig for the Anthem-helmed promotion as a means of returning to live, weekly television (H/T Cultaholic Wrestling):

"One of the things that they've been looking at, and it's not gonna happen any time soon, but they wanna go live. The idea is to go live and have a location where they would go every Thursday. Full Sail University is one of the places they've talked about... Scott D'Amore before he was ousted, and Lou D'Angeli and Ed Nordholm went to Full Sail and scouted it out, and that's where they wanted to go."

Meltzer noted that the plan as of when Scott D’Amore was TNA President was to tape a “couple” of shows there in late 2024, with the aim of going live full-time in 2025. With D’Amore out as President, though, it remains to be seen if this remains the plan under new TNA leader Anthony Cicione.

The move would mark a new IMPACT Zone, with Nashville, Tennessee’s Skyway Studios having been TNA’s long-time home. All company programming throughout the pandemic was held here, with sporadic returns remaining a staple on the TNA calendar.

NXT At Full Sail University: Why Did It End?

WWE’s NXT brand was hosted almost exclusively at Full Sail University between 2012 and 2020, being dubbed the NXT Arena. The University was home to several key moments during what was the hottest period in the brand’s history, including Tommaso Ciampa and Rhea Ripley’s breathtaking championship ascendancies.

The COVID-19 pandemic ended the relationship between WWE and Full Sail University. Unable to host NXT in an external venue during a global lockdown, WWE moved to use their own Performance Center for the brand. This has remained the case ever since, with the PC venue being named the Capitol Wrestling Center.