Ric Flair Ready to Go Through Table

11/3/2023 8:07 PM

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Ric Flair Ready to Go Through Table

Ric Flair Ready to Go Through Table

November 3, 2023 8:07 PM
Ric Flair Ready to Go Through Table
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What Other Goals Does "Slick" Ric Have in AEW?

Ric Flair is ready to go through a table. Yes, you read that right. The 74-year-old wrestling icon recently signed a two-year deal with AEW and he has several goals in mind, including taking a table bump.

"The Nature Boy" has some goals he'd like to achieve in AEW, even though he doubts AEW will let him do them. During an interview with ESPN's Marc Raimondi, Flair discussed his new deal and his mission statement for AEW. He told Raimondi he'd like to wrestle one last match, but realizes AEW would never approve it (imagine that, a wrestling promotion not approving a match for a 74-year-old wrestler who has a pacemaker and reportedly has had four heart surgeries).

Ric Flair Manager Extraordinaire?

Another goal is to manage. The idea of Flair managing other wrestlers has been a topic of conversation for decades amongst Flair fans. Long considered one of the industry's greatest talkers, Flair could fill the traditional role of managers in doing for the talking for gifted performers who lack the gift of gab while also drawing heat outside the ring. The problem with this is that Flair has kept his focus on competing in the ring rather than managing. Now that things have changed, he appears ready to manage and as far as he sees it, take a bump:

"You can't be a manager and not take bumps," Flair said. "It just doesn't make sense. You gotta be able to feed and jump in and move around. And I do all that. I train hard, so we'll see. I'm up for anything."


The 16-time world heavyweight champion said he's even willing to take a bump through a table if called upon to do so. Chances are we won't be seeing that but fans could see Flair managing his son-in-law Andrade if he gets the chance. This could be fantastic as Andrade is a terrific performer who could benefit from Flair helping him on the microphone.

A Dream Match on the Microphone

Even if Flair fans don't get to see him wrestle (at least not in AEW) or go through a table (flaming or otherwise), Flair has a fantastic idea for a showdown with a performer he has described as the best young wrestler in the world. Flair said he'd be done for a promo battle with current AEW World Champion MJF. If AEW can build an angle around this, it could be ratings gold and possibly elevate a wrestler into a main event match against MJF. For example, if Flair does manage Andrade, a war of the words between Flair and MJF could set up what should be an excellent match between Andrade and MJF.

For now, Flair fans can take comfort in knowing "The Nature Boy" has a chance to entertain his existing fans as well as a new generation. Better yet, it sounds like AEW isn't going to let Flair get anywhere near a wrestling ring to work a match.

Photo Credit: AEW