Ric Flair Signs Long-Term AEW Deal

11/2/2023 8:34 PM

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Ric Flair Signs Long-Term AEW Deal

Ric Flair Signs Long-Term AEW Deal

November 2, 2023 8:34 PM
Ric Flair Signs Long-Term AEW Deal
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Details on AEW/Flair Partnership Revealed

Ric Flair signs a long-term AEW deal, confirming suspicions "The Nature Boy" was in the promotion for more than a few months. Many wrestling fans were shocked to see Ric show up on the 25 October episode of Dynamite. AEW President Tony Khan brought Flair in as a special gift for Sting, who recently announced he'll work his last match at 2024's Revolution pay-per-view.

"Slick" Ric recently revealed he planned on staying in AEW at least until Sting's last match. Flair and Sting's careers have been closely linked since Sting's breakout match in Jim Crockett Promotions at the inaugural Clash of Champions. Now, we're learning Flair plans on being around much longer in AEW.

Here are some highlights from a press release issued marking Flair's signing to a multi-year deal:

Tony Khan commented on Flair's role in wrestling as well as the part he'll play in Sting's final run:

“Ric cemented his legacy as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all-time long ago, and now his world-renowned persona and his amazing wrestling mind will be major assets to AEW’S programming and our position globally. Most importantly, it’s fitting that the final chapter of Sting’s iconic career will unfold on TBS with Ric Flair by his side.”

According to the press release, Flair's energy drink will be heavily promoted as part of his AEW deal:

Khan also announced that Flair’s Wooooo! Energy will become the exclusive energy drink of AEW. During AEW show dates, select host venues will carry the clean energy drink at concession stands for fans to enjoy. In addition, the beverage will be stocked in the wrestlers’ locker rooms, and will also be seen on the announcers’ desk during live broadcasts. Fans watching at home can experience Wooooo! Energy by ordering via woooooenergy.com.

H/T Inside the Ropes

AEW tweeted the entire press release


Flair's Value to AEW

Flair should provide AEW with some interest from wrestling fans as well as Ric Flair fans. Not only does Flair have a large contingent of wrestling fans, he's developed a massive following throughout the years as a pop culture icon. The recent Flair biography The Last Real World Champion: The Legacy of “Nature Boy” Ric Flair provides good insight into just how much Flair has influenced musicians, athletes, and of course, other wrestlers. That doesn't mean AEW is suddenly going to start popping 1,000,000 viewers but it could give the company some attention.

In addition, Fightful Select is reporting that:

part of getting Flair was also procuring a deal with the energy drink that would cover a significant portion, if not all of Flair's salary in All Elite Wrestling.

H/T Fightful Select

Fightful added that Flair could do more than bring viewers to the AEW product. It's believed Flair could boost merchandise sales if AEW has negotiated any type of deal with Flair over items such as video games, clothing, etc.

Be Fair to Flair

The only challenge AEW will have is keeping Flair from stepping into the ring. While Flair had his big retirement match in the summer of 2022, he's hinted at returning for another match. Tony Khan and everyone around Flair need to keep him from wrestling. Flair can cut interviews, throw a few chops outside the ring, and rev up the crowd. However, AEW shouldn't let Flair do anything else remotely resembling wrestling.

Do you think Flair's signing is a good thing for AEW? What's next for "The Nature Boy?"

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