Ricochet ALMOST Joined The Hurt Business

6/11/2024 4:16 PM

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Ricochet ALMOST Joined The Hurt Business

Ricochet ALMOST Joined The Hurt Business

June 11, 2024 4:16 PM
Ricochet ALMOST Joined The Hurt Business
WWE News

This would have ruled.

Ricochet almost joined The Hurt Business.

In the aftermath of Ricochet being written off WWE TV, MVP took to X to confirm that initially, Ricochet was set to be in the popular stable:

“True story. When we were forming The Hurt Business, I asked for BOTH Ricochet AND Cedric Alexander. We were told we could only have 1. We chose Cedric because we felt he needed our association more than Ricochet did.
I always thought Ricky O would be a big star on his own.”

The Hurt Business ended up becoming one of the most popular stables of the modern era, and Ricochet’s WWE tenure may have been extremely different if he joined the faction.

Ricochet seemingly finished up with WWE last night, and the discourse on social media is suggesting that Ricochet may jump ship to AEW.