Ricochet Could Be Written Off WWE TV (Tonight)

6/10/2024 3:53 PM

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Ricochet Could Be Written Off WWE TV (Tonight)

Ricochet Could Be Written Off WWE TV (Tonight)

June 10, 2024 3:53 PM
Ricochet Could Be Written Off WWE TV (Tonight)
WWE News

The end is near.

It looks like Ricochet’s WWE run is coming to an end.

Dave Meltzer on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio (subscription required) chimed in on Ricochet, and this is what Meltzer had to say:

“He’s leaving most likely. It’s not like ‘official’ official. (Sunday) morning, it was he was up in the air, not signed the contract, WWE had been kind of I guess (working) with the idea he was leaving. They did have ideas for him in case he stayed. They may write him out on TV this week. But I was told (Sunday) afternoon that he did in fact make his decision. But what his decision is, that I don’t know. But I think most people have him leaving. I think that’s the safest best of the two, I can’t say 100%. In the words that I said to Garrett the other day on this subject, he is going where he expects to be the happiest.”

Fans are expecting Ricochet to be involved in an angle with Bron Breakker, which would subsequently write him off WWE TV indefinitely.

H/T – WrestleTalk