Ricochet Names Rey Mysterio As A Dream Opponent

9/27/2023 1:22 PM

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Ricochet Names Rey Mysterio As A Dream Opponent

Ricochet Names Rey Mysterio As A Dream Opponent

September 27, 2023 1:22 PM
Ricochet Names Rey Mysterio As A Dream Opponent

This would rule.

WWE star, Ricochet recently made an appearance on Mark Andrews’ Love Letter to Wrestling podcast, and Ricochet would discuss a range of wrestling related topics, including naming Rey Mysterio as a “dream opponent”.

The former Intercontinental Champion stated:

“There are so many guys. My first thought that comes to mind is Rey Mysterio. We've had some multi-man matches. Never singles. He's ducking me. Rey Mysterio. I think AJ Styles obviously is up there. I think he and I would absolutely go bonkers. I think that is NXT obviously Tyler Bate. I see. I remember watching him and Pete [Dunne]. There are a lot of guys now that I think, I think me and Butch, me and Pete could be the guys that would really....it's so funny you say that cuz that's one of the, like, the main things Ricochet. I always get, like, whether I'm like at the store or wherever I, when people stop me and take a photo or whatever, one of the most things that has been said to me is, ‘Yo, I got a, I got a friend or a family member or a cousin or a somebody like, man, I got a, somebody who doesn't even watch wrestling. And they love you. They love watching you. They don't even watch wrestling and they love you.’ You know what I mean? Yeah. I've, I've been told that so many times, especially the past, like, you know, five, four or five years. I've been told that more and more it's just grown. So it's very, very much a gateway wrestler. I feel like fans can enjoy”.

Ricochet would also discuss two names that he believes would benefit from being in WWE:

“Will's up there. I mean, Will's always got a lot. Obviously got a lot of backing like, you know, Ricochet did before he got, but I think Will's up there will, he's obviously got a lot, but I think with the WWE behind him, it would be obviously a lot more out there. I think there's a couple of guys, I got a couple of friends, even my homeboy Moose, who is currently obviously working for someone else, but I think Moose is, he's got, he's got the look, he's like six four. He's huge. He's great. Ring shape.”

h/t to WrestlingNews.co for the transcription.

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