Robert Roode Off WWE Roster?

10/10/2023 2:11 AM

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Robert Roode Off WWE Roster?

Robert Roode Off WWE Roster?

October 10, 2023 2:11 AM
Robert Roode Off WWE Roster?
WWE News

What is next for the 'Glorious' one?

What’s going on with WWE Superstar Robert Roode and why is he no longer listed on the WWE’s roster?

Roode, who hasn’t worked a match since June 2022 was out of action after undergoing neck surgery. However, there have been rumors about an in-ring return as well as whisperings about a new role for him.

Now, Ringside News is reporting:

"#WWE fans have been asking us about Bobby Roode's status, and we have an update. He is no longer listed as an active Superstar, but he is a producer for the company now."

What do you think about Roode’s new role in the WWE? At 47, has he gone as far as he could in the WWE? Do you miss seeing him wrestle?