Santos Escobar Issues Warning to Randy Orton

11/29/2023 10:23 PM

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Santos Escobar Issues Warning to Randy Orton

Santos Escobar Issues Warning to Randy Orton

November 29, 2023 10:23 PM
Santos Escobar Issues Warning to Randy Orton
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What Did Santos Say?

Santos Escobar issues a warning to Randy Orton ahead of "The Viper's" upcoming appearance on SmackDown on 1 December. In case you missed, the news, "The Viper" is being advertised for Friday's show. While there's speculation that Orton is headed to SmackDown for revenge on The Bloodline, it's unknown what Randy's role is this Friday.

Whatever the case, former LWO member Santos Escobar is issuing a warning to Orton ahead of time. Santos (who recently turned heel by attacking Rey Mysterio and knocking him out of action) appeared on the WWE's The Bump. Escobar warned Orton:

“I just heard that Randy’s gonna show up on SmackDown this Friday. Is that correct? Well, I hope he doesn’t show up. I know he’s the legend killer, but I just sent a legend away for good. I don’t want to send him away too. So if he’s watching this, I hope he doesn’t show up.”

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While Orton is riding high of the momentum of his return, Escobar is no one to take lightly. Santos seems obsessed with hurting opponents to build himself up, just as Orton made a name for himself as "The Legend Killer" early on in his career.

Escobar has been cleaning house on SmackDown. The talented luchador took out Rey Mysterio, with no word on when Rey will be back. Last week, Santos ambushed Carlito (who was booked to wrestle Escobar at Survivor Series), knocking him out of action as well. Santos defeated Dragon Lee at Survivor Series and at one point looked like he was trying to injure Dragon Lee as well.

While an Escobar/Orton match would no doubt be exciting, it's probably better that the WWE keep the two apart. Neither Santos nor Orton should be losing matches right now and it would be better to just have the two tease a confrontation rather than work a bout.

Would you like to see Santos Escobar vs Randy Orton? 

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