Shawn Michaels Names WWE's MVP

12/1/2023 10:04 PM

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Shawn Michaels Names WWE's MVP

Shawn Michaels Names WWE's MVP

December 1, 2023 10:04 PM
Shawn Michaels Names WWE's MVP
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Who Did HBK Mention and Why?

Shawn Michaels names the WWE's MVP (most valuable player) and it's a name that might surprise you. "The Heartbreak Kid" recently appeared on Peter Rosenberg's Cheap Heat podcast and discussed several topics including Ilja Dragunov, CM Punk and NXT's current North American Champion Dominik Mysterio. Here's what "The Showstopper" had to say about "Dirty Dom":

"To me, Dominik Mysterio is MVP of the WWE this year. Every time he comes here, I look at him and it's, hardest working man in show business. He has just been an iron man for us. I can't speak to what he does on the main roster, but he has just done everything we have asked of him. He's done it professionally. He's done it admirably. He's done it to the best of his ability."

"Mr. WrestleMania" explained one of the reasons he's been so impressed by Dominik's work.

"Yes, do I think it's been to his advantage because a lot was put on him early and he, you know, he probably didn't get the opportunity to develop, you know, behind the scenes as much as other people had and he had to do it out there in front of the world and probably get judged harshly for it? But I'm telling you, I have nothing but admiration for that young man. He has been a stud for us. I think from a company standpoint, everybody would agree with me."

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Like any second or third-generation star, Dominik was accused by some critics of having an easy path to the spotlight. After all, Dominik skipped developmental and jumped right into a main event program alongside Rey Mysterio during Rey's feud against Seth Rollins. It wasn't long before Dom and Papa Rey won the SmackDown Tag Team Championship, a win he might not have had without being Rey's son (at least in the minds of some fans and critics).

Breaking Out On His Own

Fortunately for Dominik, his heel turn and membership in The Judgment Day gave him an opportunity to stand on his own merits. Dominik defied many fans' expectations, quickly becoming one of wrestling's most hated heels. Dom Dom's ability to get legitimate heat (as opposed to go-away heat) is undeniable. His wrestling skills have improved too. While there is always room for improvement, Dominik looks to have a bright future.

Do you agree with Shawn's statement about "Dirty" Dom or is there a more qualified MVP candidate?