Should Andrade Return to the WWE?

12/8/2023 12:16 AM

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Should Andrade Return to the WWE?

Should Andrade Return to the WWE?

December 8, 2023 12:16 AM
Should Andrade Return to the WWE?
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What's El Idolo's Best Option?

Should Andrade return to the WWE? Andrade El Idolo's future seems open, as a recent report from Dave Meltzer suggests Andrade's AEW contract is expiring soon. The only hold-up would occur if AEW decided to add the time Andrade was off TV due to injury to his contract.

Meltzer had this to say during a recent Wrestling Observer Radio:

"He‚Äôs going back to CMLL. I'm not sure exactly what week, but probably relatively soon,‚ÄĚ Meltzer stated before talking about how while Andrade had talks with AAA, he started in CMLL and wanted to go back. "It‚Äôs something he wants to do. His [AEW] deal is coming up relatively soon unless it's extended or something because of time off for injuries or whatever. But he thinks his deal's up pretty soon, so he wanted to go back [to CMLL] in case he ends up going to WWE. He's not made a decision [about] what he's doing next. He's not signed a new deal, but if he does go to WWE, he knows he can't go back to Arena Mexico,"

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While it's unknown how AEW plans to proceed, it's likely Andrade is carefully considering his future. As Meltzer mentioned, Andrade is considering CMLL but he has other options as well. He could decide to stay in AEW (although this seems uncertain as Andrade has been vocal about how he feels AEW has misbooked him). Another option is New Japan Pro Wrestling, where Andrade worked for several years. TNA would likely be interested in him but another name keeps coming up; the WWE.

Mixed Success in the WWE

Andrade wrestled in the WWE from 2015 to 2021. He had a successful run in NXT (2015-2018) as Andrade "Cien" Almas, including a reign with the NXT Championship. His early run on the main roster made it seem that he was going to go the way of many NXT stars in fizzling out. However, the WWE repackaged him as "Andrade" and he began finding success, including a spot as one of the Final Four in the 2019 Men's Royal Rumble.

Andrade found more success at the end of 2019 when he defeated Rey Mysterio for the United States Championship. His career began to sputter after he dropped the title in May 2020. A tag team with Angel Garza showed promise but the two failed to capture tag team gold. When the WWE split Andrade and his manager Zelina Vega, it seemed like he was treading water. Andrade requested his release in March 2021 and the WWE granted it.

Mixed Success in AEW

In June 2021, Andrade debuted in AEW with fans eager to see how AEW would book him. It's safe to say that Andrade and his fans were disappointed. AEW booked him with a revolving door of managers and advisors including Vickie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero. The problem was that he found himself dealing with the same problem as many other AEW performers; a lack of direction and a lack of TV time.

Andrade didn't hold back on AEW, criticizing the company for how he was being booked and making it obvious he wanted out. However, AEW has made it clear that wrestlers aren't going to get their releases when they're locked into multi-year deals.

Should Andrade Return to the WWE?

While we don't know just when Andrade can leave AEW and work somewhere else, fans are curious whether a WWE return would be in his best interest. Let's explore some of the positives and negatives of a WWE return.

The Positives

Triple H is Running Creative

Triple H as a huge Andrade supporter and it's likely "The Game" would love to have him back. Andrade could easily jump into the title hunt on RAW or SmackDown including a run at the World Heavyweight Championship, the Intercontinental Championship, and the United States Championship.

Andrade Could Reunite with Zelina Vega

An Andrade/Zelina Vega reunion could work well for both Superstars. While Vega has had some success in the Latino World Order (including a return to in-ring competition), she's too talented to be standing in the background. While Andrade doesn't have to work as a heel, he and Vega both seem to work better as villains than heroes.

Andrade Could Work Alongside Charlotte Flair

The WWE could also book a storyline involving Andrade and his real-life wife Charlotte Flair. The WWE has had success with mixed tag matches and storylines involving feuds between two male stars crossing over into feuds with two female stars. The Edge/Beth Phoenix vs Finn Balor/Rhea Ripley program made for some exciting TV and matches.

The WWE is Always Working to Promote Its Hispanic Stars

The last few years have shown the WWE's efforts to include more Hispanic talent as it taps into the growing Hispanic market in and out of the United States. Andrade would be another great addition to the roster both for his skills and his fame from his run in Mexico.

The Negatives

Getting Lost in the Crowd

The biggest problem Andrade faces in the WWE is trying to break out from the pack. There's no getting around the fact that the WWE's bloated roster makes it difficult for anyone other than the biggest Superstars to get consistently booked. Is there anything about Andrade that's going to make the WWE want to book him ahead of Superstars who are already waiting for their chance in the spotlight?

His Past Complaints

Does Andrade have a reputation for complaining or is he just a wrestler who is willing to speak up when he's not being utilized properly? Andrade's past complaints in the WWE and AEW could have some officials in the WWE wary about bringing him back. Even if they decide to give him a try, is Andrade patient enough to get his time on WWE TV? Andrade isn't a CM Punk-level star who can torch one bridge and jump to another with a flamethrower on his back.

The Right Choice

While the WWE Universe would welcome Andrade back, he should consider working elsewhere for at least a year. Andrade should consider the advantages of working somewhere where he'll get plenty of TV and ring time. This would be good for him to work on reestablishing himself as a top star and it could increase his value to the WWE where they'll want to put him to use as soon as he signs on.

What do you think Andrade should do? Where would you like to see him wrestle?