Slim Jim Pauses Promotional Partnership with WWE

1/27/2024 2:09 AM

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Slim Jim Pauses Promotional Partnership with WWE

Slim Jim Pauses Promotional Partnership with WWE

January 27, 2024 2:09 AM
Slim Jim Pauses Promotional Partnership with WWE
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Will Others Follow?

Slim Jim pauses its promotional partnership with WWE, not only backing out of its sponsorship deal for The Royal Rumble, but putting things on hold.

Earlier today, WrestleVotes tweeted:

Now, Slim Jim has released the following statement to POST Wrestling:

Slim Jim values integrity and respect in all of our partnerships. Given the recent disturbing allegations against Vince McMahon, at this time we’ve decided to pause our promotional activities with WWE. This decision reflects our commitment to our brand values and responsibility to our community.
We will continue to monitor the situation and base our future engagements on our values and what’s best for our brand.

POST Wrestling's John Pollock noted:

WWE and Slim Jim (owned by Conagra Brands Inc.) entered into a multievent deal last summer and was reported to be WWE’s largest sponsor. The agreement called for advertising across WWE’s platforms including live events, in stores, and on social channels throughout the year

H/T POST Wrestling

Could Things Change Following Vince McMahon's Resignation?

Could Slim Jim reestablish its business arrangement with the WWE? That's possible, especially now that Vince McMahon has resigned from WWE. Slim Jim could give the situation time to cool off. Then again, it also may depend on how the matter works out. While TKO-Holdings management had no role in the WWE during the period when McMahon allegedly engaged in illicit activity, it needs to make sure that there is nothing similar going on now.

The allegation that the WWE turned a blind eye to McMahon and John Laurinatis' alleged activities puts current management in a spot where they must determine if a corporate culture of bad behavior exists. If so, it needs to be eliminated or the WWE could face more negative reactions from advertisers.

What do you think of this latest situation with Slim Jim? Do you think the company will eventually renew its WWE deal?


Photo Credit: Deposit Photos