Sting Talks Openly Regarding Past Steroid Use

3/4/2024 12:14 PM

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Sting Talks Openly Regarding Past Steroid Use

Sting Talks Openly Regarding Past Steroid Use

March 4, 2024 12:14 PM
Sting Talks Openly Regarding Past Steroid Use
AEW News

Sting also discussed taking on a new role.

Last night at Revolution, The Icon Sting had his final ever matchup. Sting teamed up with Darby Allin to defeat The Young Bucks, and during the post-PPV press conference, The Stinger discussed a range of topics, including teaming with The Ultimate Warrior, as well as his steroid use early on during his career:

“…It was good that he went his way, and I went mine. We were not meant to be together. We were meant to start together, and it got us in the door, for sure. But he needed to be in his own. We were going to kill each other, literally on the road. Two roided out young men. That’s what it was then. Two roided-out guys. Just shooting straight here. That stopped in 1990 for me, so yeah. Didn’t stop for him, but it stopped for him…”

It’s great to see a wrestling legend such as Sting speak so openly regarding steroid use, and it’s a positive sign that Sting hasn’t been on any type of steroid in over 30-years.

On the topic of The Icon Sting, last night during the post-PPV press conference, Sting discussed whether he would be interested in taking on a new role such as a manager or an agent:

"Tony has mentioned me staying on board in some form or fashion. We haven't really worked anything out there yet, but I'm sure we'll have some kind of conversation and I'm saying maybe, we'll see what happens. I have no interest in being a manager or anything like that or an agent. I don't want to do any of that kind of stuff. I'm not sure what I can offer…”

Sting is humble as ever in his response, and it would be welcomed by many if Sting stuck around the wrestling business in some capacity, as he has decades of experience and expertise to share with talent. 

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